S&S 50th Anniversary Build Off: Top 10

S+S recently had their 50th Anniversary and to celebrate they invited 50 builders to build custom bikes using their engines. Some killer bikes in the mix (some really awful ones too), here’s my pick for the top 10. Photo’s by Michael Lichter Photography

Dodge 1Dodge 2
Saw this one from Bill Dodge up close at the smokeout. Killer bike, looks fast standing still.
Lots of cool details, the paint straight up draws you in.

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Ace-Cafe 1Ace-Cafe 2
If anyone knows this style it’s the Ace Cafe, so of course they nailed it.

Chopperdave 1Chopperdave 2
Chopper Dave’s now infamous X-Wedge. This bike still slays, and the waffle rims still rock.

Trevelen 1-1Trevelen 2-1
Trevlen of SuperCo - classic, period… whatever… just straight up awesome.

Cook 1Cook 2
Cook’s Customs took their “house style” and really polished it up.
The first norton they did is still my favorite, but this one is super nice.

Olson 2Olson 1
Who the fuck is Chris Olson? Yeah, yeah, I know how to use google too.
The other bikes on his site leave a lot to be desired, but dude KILLS it with this one.
Harmon front end, invader spoolie, tasteful metal flake… nail, meet hammer head.

Hotdock 2Hotdock 1
Hot Dock from Japan was the overall winner and it’s easy to see why.
The attention to detail is mind blowing just check out those rocker boxes.
The exhaust is not my favorite thing in the world, but this bike still slays.

Rooke 1Rooke 2
Jesse Rooke built this? Really? Talk about a change up style - love it.
It’s got BMX & motocross influence all over it. My favorite bike he’s ever built.

Wright 1Wright 2
Jeff Wright from Church of Choppers doesn’t only go outside the box, he smashes it.
This fucker is just straight up sick, so many details… the seat setup alone gives me a boner
and has my liver and tailbone shivering at the same time. Just awesome. You’ve gotta check out more of this one over at sscyclebuild.blogspot.com

Krugger 2Krugger 1
Fucking Krugger. Seriously. Dude constantly blows it out of the water with every build.
This one, dubbed “half day”, is straight up sexy. Boardtrack influence with a modern twist.
The lines are perfect, the front end is trick, single downtube frame, the exhaust makes me drool a little bit. Fucking perfect. See more here: www.krugger.net

That’s my top 10 folks. Drop your own favorite pics in the comments and stay tuned for my selection of the worst bikes from the build off.

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  1. matt says:

    did hank young enter anything?
    surprised if he didnt…more surprised if it ends up in top 10 worst

  2. grail21 says:

    No entry from Hank Young

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