Cro Customs: Will’s Hood Rat

Edrhoodrat 050-2

Caleb at Cro Customs built this bad ass shovelhead for his pal Will. Caleb sent me just a short note about it…

My good friend JD helped out in the final days, pulling together the light mount, pipes, tank and other odds and ends. This thing was thrown together from Will’s pile of parts in a week or so.

What could you “throw together” in a week or so? Exactly. Saying he nailed it is beyond obvious. For some reason this bike reminds me of thrash metal. Looks raw, fast and ready to mosh… that’s right, mosh.

Check out more pics by clicking read more.

Edrhoodrat 022-3Edrhoodrat 005-3\Edrhoodrat 030-3Edrhoodrat 046-3Edrhoodrat 048-3Edrhoodrat 034-4Img 0067-3Dscn3786-4

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