Small Displacement Choppers

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With the never ending rise in gas prices, I think you’re going to be seeing a lot more small CC motorcycles on the road. Old cheap bikes that are reliable and get 70+ mpg, although I’m sure just like Europe, Scooters will have a stronger presence. But, with the increase in numbers, you’re going to see a lot more bikes like this one from German Karp - guys taking small displacement bikes and modifying the shit out of them. There will be a lot of crap on this front, but thankfully, we’ve got guys like German who just kill it and get it right. Cool little bike with a bit of brat-style influence, I bet it’s a blast to carve up the city roads with.

To see more pics and read all the details from German, click read more below.

Motorcycle Power Tools hand tools welding metalworkMotorcycle Power Tools hand tools welding metalworkMotorcycle Power Tools hand tools welding metalworkMotorcycle Power Tools hand tools welding metalworkMotorcycle Power Tools hand tools welding metalwork

Hi my name is German Karp, I’m from Argentina, and I send you a few pictures of the bike that I’ve been building in the last month. It’s a Honda CG125 (like the American CB’s). Small but cute, I chopped the TT and the rear stays to get a cleaner and more “Bratstyle look”. H-D rear tire on the original hub, welded shocks, custom leather seat (made by me too) a shortened front end with 2″ of travel.

Frame: Honda, cut & made the new tail and top tube.
Forks: Honda, shortened 2″, fender tabs removed and drilled.
Motor: Honda, 125cc refurbished and painted.
Handlebars: Custom made
Brake Levers: Custom trimmed and painted
Taillight: Old Lucas on custom license holder
Headlight: Old siambretta type
Fender: Old ford spare tire cover scored for $0.80 from a bum (it’s like $.30 in U.S money)
Tank: Who knows? But it has a cool tool case.
Exhaust: Original cut in half, then a fence top was use for the inverted cone for a cost of 8$
Air Filter: Exhaust tail & piece of tube.
Seat: Custom made, all leather
Battery Case: Piece of bent steel, all the electrics inside.
Rear Wheel: Stock hub,16′ HD rim, free tire.
Front Wheel: Stock hub & rim, 3.25×18 imperial cord tire.
Paint: Epoxy black/ oskar´s fender, battery case & tank.
All the pieces were detailed sanded before paint.

Built and owned by German Karp in Buenos Aires, Argentina
I have a small company that fabricates kustom bicycles and makes handlebars for Harleys. I also do some pin striping when I get the chance.

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  1. sledmotorsrule says:

    you WILL be seeing more of these!!!! i can’t wait! look for a kid in SoCal named Slim. he is turning out some sick 2-strokers that go like hell.

  2. Happygilmore88 says:

    a kit to build street legal bikes like these would sell like crazy, i sure could use one to save gas…

  3. Heat Pump Repair says:

    slick and simple.

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