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Classic Bike Dossier: Triumph Pre-Unit 650s

The best of the British?
By Mick Duckworth Pics John Noble
Fast, powerful and desirable, Triumph’s pre-unit 650s made the British twin into an icon. Forty years on, their appeal is as strong as ever.
Who needs a Bonneville? That’s what I’m thinking as I have a whale of a time riding a 1961 pre-unit 650cc triumph Trophy. […]

1961 Triumph TR6C

Nicely done, good looking bike.

Greasebag Jamboree 2008 Recap

Greasebag Jamboree 2008 Recap
My current mission is to get hopped up on enough coffee and carbohydrates to make it through a day I could literally sleep through from beginning to end. Coming down off a 3 day adrenaline high is a serious downer and I feel a bit like I’ve been hit by a truck. […]

Screws & Fasteners 101

Setscew or bolt? Stainless or zinc plate? Technical boffin Mark Haycock gets to grips with screws, bolts and nuts; and advises what you should be using, where and why.
To read the whole article, download the pdf: Screws & Fasteners 101

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Norton Cafe Racer

From the Mass BIA show in May.Photo (C) Grail Mortillaro 2008

Let’s Get it on! Greasebag Jamboree Tomorrow

Final post before the show:
The van is packed and ready to go. There is enough tools in there to fix just about anything, including a MIG and a generator. However, we won’t be welding roadside, but if that headlight bracket snaps, we can get you fixed up at the farm.
Weather looks good for the […]

Ariel Square Four

Nardi’s Ariel before it sold. Photo (C) Grail Mortillaro 2008

The Yoder Power Hammer

Fay Butler, at it again.

Greasebag News

Photographers and dudes with video cameras take note
Since I’ll be running the P.A / playing music / making announcements / hustling raffle tickets / selling t-shirts / running around like a mad man in general I will not be able to take as many photos during the show as I would like (although I will […]

Setting Carb Float Levels

Setting carb float levels is still considered a black art – but getting it right can make a significant difference to your bike’s economy and performance. Rod Gibson explains all.
So what is a float level, and why does it matter? Deep within the confines of your carburettors lurk a number of jets, whose job it […]

Bob Armstrong National Amateur Champion

Killer Workshop

Octane98 – I want your workspace. Incredible bikes and look at all the room!

Downloadable Greasebag Map/Directions

Click on the image above to download the PDF file that has the final map and directions for the run. Get your paws on it now so you can get familiar with the roads a bit beforehand. We’ll have a bunch of these printed out to pass out at the show. The front has the […]

1967 Triumph Catalog

From a design perspective, there are very few companies that are creating printed catalogs that stand the test of the time as well as the catalogs from the 40’s through the 60’s. The above image is from the 1967 Triumph Catalog, the french version.

Rocking the rainbow

The original video I psted of a 1942 WLA has been removed, but I think this sick lil bratsyle custom bike is a fine replacement.


Just picked up the trophies for the bike show. They look fucking sick.Thanks again to all the sponsors who helped support this event.

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Ariel at the Mass BIA Show

BIA Show 2008(C) Grail Mortillaro 2008

1918 Excelsior Henderson V-Twin

This one is for Matt. Could have been yours for $30,000 Buy It Now.