Free D.I.Y e-book: Metal lathe introduction


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a free e-book for you cats to download, so it’s time to start that tradition back up again. I’ve got my greasy paws on a handful of “new” old books for you guys to dig into. Not sure about you, but I love reading through this old stuff. Not only to pick up tips and tricks from days of yore, but also to get a better understanding and sense of history into these crafts - from welding to machining to general metal work and casting - evolved through time. A great way to get the most of out these books is to print them out, then three hole punch them and put them in a 3-ring binder. Then you can carry it with ya whenever you know your going to have some down time (waiting at an airport, sitting on the can, going to the in-laws house… etc). Reading them on the computer kind of blows, to really get the most out of the books, I think printing them is the way to go.

For this installment I’ve got the Metal Turners Handy Book by P.N. Hasluck. This one is all about different types of lathes, the accompanying tooling, uses, etc. Tons of pics and stacks of info and generally an easy read.

To download the PDF file, click the following link: The Metal Turner’s Handybook

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