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Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 004

Bling’s S&S 50th Bike

Free D.I.Y e-book: Metal lathe introduction

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a free e-book for you cats to download, so it’s time to start that tradition back up again. I’ve got my greasy paws on a handful of “new” old books for you guys to dig into. Not sure about you, but I love reading through this old stuff. […]

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 003

From the Archives

Hotness - the bike more than the chick.

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 002

Drag racing was a killer addition. George the Painter rips it up.

Bates Motorcycle Catalog Page

Oh how we lust for the days when you could order this stuff out of a catalog versus paying over-inflated prices for it on ebay.

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 001

A week ago I left for the Smoke Out and from the second I hit the Farmington Dragway, I started snapping photos - over 1500 of them in fact. Smoke Out was a blast, the new location was cool, the drag racing was awesome and over all just a great time.
I have […]

Greasebag Jamboree: The Fisheye Experience

Matt O’Keefe sent in a bunch of great photos he shot at the Greasebag with a plastic fisheye camera. I love ‘em, they look killer. Who says you need a fancy camera to get killer shots? Damn straight.

Knucklehead in Japan

Denvers Choppers

Stunningly perfect in every way.

Greasebag 2008: Show Winners

Here are the 10 Winners of the bike show at this year’s Greasebag Jamboree. Congrats to all of them, the competition was pretty stiff this year, lots of really good bikes. Thanks to all the sponsors who stepped up to help out with the trophies. Click the pics to enlarge the images.

Classic Bike Dossier: BSA Unit Singles

From the March 2005 Issue of Classic Bike Magazine
Story: Mike Duckworth • Photography: John Noble • Studio Photography: Lyndsey Church
BSA’s long line of rugged and simple ohv unit singles offer everything from the humble 250cc C15 to the fiery 500cc B50. Commuting, fun riding, police duty, military service, trail riding, motorcross, trials, grass track, dirt […]

Greasebag Pics: Scenes from the Swap Meet

Pics by Don Coyote

Pics by Terran64 aka Matt

The swag table at the knucklebuster booth - we gave all that away and MORE… a LOT more.

Pic by Locjaw Cycles

Pic by Troy Fab
Keep sending in those pics, I’m still working on putting together a big gallery of greasebag pics.

Returning from the depths of North Carolina

Just got back from the Smoke Out. Pics and a recap in a few

A real throttle snapper


From the Archives

Greasebag Pics: Installment 01

I’ve got a lot of pics coming in from folks who shot at the Greasebag - that rules - please, keep sending them in. Before I go create a main gallery under the photos section I’m going to highlight some of my favorites here. This first batch comes from Keith Ward. Thanks to Keith […]

Ignition Systems

Technical guru Mark Haycock delves into the mysterious world of ignition systems, and reveals why getting it back to front is sometimes quite OK.
I had a letter recently from one of our readers, Mr A Birch, raising questions about the
workings of an ignition coil so I thought it might be an idea to take a […]

Greasebag’s Best of Show

Lock Baker killed it with this one. And although it was a very close decision, it was absolutely the best of show. Stunning. More pics are coming, promise.

Boog on a Chopper

I have no idea who boog is, but he has a nice ride and this is a cool riding vid.