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Mack Daddy?

or daddy mack?

1969 CB450 Cafe Racer

Matt sent me a link to these pics and I gotta say, love the simplicity of this bike and the fact that someone spent some time with a model of bike that doesn’t usually get much attention.

Check out more pics here: 1969 CB450

aka speed demon

1914 HD 5cc Single

From the Archives

One Question Interview: May Edition

In this months segment of the one question interview we asked all our favorite greasebags the following question:
When it comes to building or customizing bikes, what’s the most important lesson you’ve learned:
Lot’s of great answers, tips and tricks to grab from all the answers, a great extended answer at the end by Ian Barry of […]

Greasebag Swag: CRO Customs

Caleb, from CRO Customs told me he was going to send me a few t-shirts to throw into the greasebag raffle and giveaways swag pile. I was obviously psyched by this because every bit of support we get for the event helps out big time, and giving this stuff away will be a lot of […]

How to mount a drill in a vise

This is fucking brilliant. This is high on my list of things I’ll be making up for the shop soon.

Track scraper


American Machinist Handbook & Dictionary Part 3

This latest free ebook - The American Machinist Handbook & Dictionary - is so dense with info, I had to break it into 3 files. This is the 3rd and last installment, the other installments can be found here
Click the link to download: American Machinist Handbook & Dictionary

To learn more about our free ebook series, […]

Gas Welding Video

Flatiron Mike’s EDR 2008 Build: The finale

By Flatiron Mike
Ed Note: You can view all the entries related to this build at it’s own special web address:

The done deal - she is oh so sweet, even if she didn’t make it to the EDR.
More pics when you click read more.

Latest BRM Editorial

My latest editorial segment for Biker Radio Magazine went live last Friday, this month I tackle the subject of files (with a nod and a thank you to the guys on the JJ). It’s at the end of the latest show, check out the whole thing here:

From the Archives

Welding with Water?

This is kind of nutty, but super interesting.

Fishtails bro!

He’s thinking about…

… the errands he has to run, his grocery list and wondering if he left
the iron as he scurried to get out the door.

Greaser Mike’s Killer Trump: Redux

I featured a quick pic of Greaser Mike’s killer scoot last month. He recently checked in with me and sent in a few more along with some info. The pic above fucking kills it; shot by Gregor Halenda for a Hassleblad camera ad campaign; make sure you click on it to see all the details. […]

Sportster Gas Tank Stretching Part 2

Part 2

mmmm shiny

Genuine Hi Point Al-OOH-MIN-EE-YM tank

Even More Greasebag Swag: Guilty Customs

At the current rate, there should be a prize for everyone who attends the Greasebag this year - all the sponsors are bringing their A game - and there is still MORE to come. The latest swag comes from CJ over at Guilty Customs - he sent over a pair of custom made battery boxes. […]