The knucklebuster basement workshop

Kb Basementworkshop-100
Kb Basementworkshop-101Kb Basementworkshop-102Kb Basementworkshop-103

A few shots of the Knucklebuster basement laboratory right after I cleaned and organized it a few months ago. It’s complete chaos down there right now. I end up working on my bikes (usually breaking them) mostly in the 10′x8′ shed I put up in my backyard.So the basement is more of a parts storage area now than an actual workshop.

2 Responses to “The knucklebuster basement workshop”

  1. beleg says:

    Nice place. I can detect some savage parts. Any news on the rigid Savage project ?

  2. Grail says:

    No real news yet, it’s been on hold for the last 4-5 weeks since I’ve been busting ass on getting ready for, and promoting the Greasebag Jamboree

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