Biltwell brings the awesome

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The dudes at Biltwell kill it. After donating a huge box of swag for the raffle, they also had one of their helmets pinstriped by Doc22 (on the JJ) to serve as the grand prize / best of show award for the greasebag bike show. Seriously, seriously awesome. The helmet is killer, Doc did a great job on the pinstriping.

I can’t thank those dudes enough, not only for supporting the greasebag, but for supporting so many grassroot, D.I.Y bike events. There are a bunch of us out there who are trying to put together these events, not for monetary gain, but because we want to have good time and check out cool bikes; Biltwell is there supporting all of it. Props to those dudes for continuing to support and build the scene.

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  1. marc dupuis says:

    hi..i’m looking at your bikes and it doesn’t say anywhere how to buy one…do you sell them?..if you do…please contact me by email to let me know where i can see some pics and mabe some rough prices..i’m looking for a complete bike and would have to be shiped to canada.

    Thank you,

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