Modifying an old motorcycle gas tank


Our pal cole sent in these pics and a real simple run down of what’s going on with this project he’s kicking around his shop. I dig seeing this stuff in progress, figure you will too. Here’s some notes and pics from Cole…

• Found some junk in my carb (I’ll just put a tank liner in….)
• Might as well shave the left fuel cap….
• I looked in the hole and see that it has a tank liner and it’s peeling badly
• I cut out bottom of tank to scrape out old liner
• While I’m at it, might as well section 2 1/2 inches out the middle of the tank….

Stay tuned for a possible rib down the center of the tank, a hand made tunnel, and a custom made petcock bung at rear of tank!


4 Responses to “Modifying an old motorcycle gas tank”

  1. Robert says:

    Might want to mention
    “Kids, don’t try this at home unless you are completely familiar with all absolutely necessary safety precautions called for here and your high school shop teacher told you plenty of gas tank welding explosion horror stories.”

  2. grail21 says:

    Robert: Yes, good point, thanks for bring that up.

  3. By Hand & By Brain says:

    I just torched mine tonite- good fun. dont think gas has been in it since 1970. guys got any tips on getting a dent out of the top of a bonneville tank? its pretty round and not creased…thanks

  4. Name Example says:

    2 drops Unleaded Gasoline, 4 feet green canon fuse, Running Shoes with Velcro straps so you can’t possibly trip over them, your life may depend on it.

    Oh, and a good idea of how far away 500 feet is so you can to about 200 feet further away than that. It’s not the explosion that gets you at 500 ft, it’s the largest chunk of the tank landing on your head.

    You’re dent will be gone. Dents are when the metal is bent inward.

    Mr Example

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