Greasebag Swag: Guilty Customs


More swag for the greasebag show, in fact, I’ll be posting new swag that you can get your greasy paws on everyday this week… wait till you see some of the goodies I’ve got for ya.

Getting back into the mix is my man CJ from Guilty Customs. CJ already donated some hight quality battery boxes to help out the cause, now he’s stepping up even more by throwing down some ladies tank tops AND a copper spring Choppershox setup! I know a lot of guys out there wanting to try these choppershox out, and I’ll tell ya, this one looks killer - someone is going to be psyched to walk away with it from the prize raffle.

Again, many thanks go out to CJ and Guilty Customs for their support, make sure to check out there website:

More swag tomorrow, stay tuned.

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