Greasebag News & Swag

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The saddlebag you see above has been graciously donated to the Greasebag raffle by Heyltje Rose. Heyltje does some killer hand tooled leather work - from seats to bags and a lot of stuff in between. I’m psyched to have her a part of this, and even happier that she’ll be set up at the actual show so that you can see more of her work. Make sure to check out her site:


I’m also happy to say that Ken from Biker Radio Magazine has stepped up to sponsor the last remaining trophy for the bike show. Many thanks to Ken for that. This week I’ll be sending those all the files off to the engraver to get them made up. As soon as I get them back you’ll see pics.

Matt drove the run route this weekend and says it’s more beautiful than expected. Word.
As a bonus, gas stations every 35 miles or so, which is fantastic for all your dudes with tiny peanut tanks. Bitchin’

That’s the latest, more swag is coming in this week, so you’ll be hearing about that soon.
The official map for the run will be released shortly as well.
Get psyched, the greasebag invasion is less than a month away.

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