Greaser Mike’s Killer Trump: Redux

2 08025 Hasselblad Mike 118

I featured a quick pic of Greaser Mike’s killer scoot last month. He recently checked in with me and sent in a few more along with some info. The pic above fucking kills it; shot by Gregor Halenda for a Hassleblad camera ad campaign; make sure you click on it to see all the details. More pics after the specs:

Tech Specs

750 cc 73 T140 motor

Motor’s been ballanced, blueprinted & lightened (where applicable)

Megacycle cams, black diamond valves, 7 plate clutch, Jegg oil cooler….etc…(I’m not listing ALL my top secret goodies in there)

Cerriani front fork. Peter Hunstein made the cromolly front axel and spacers, Front is a stainless 21″ laced to a 68 hub, rear is stainless 18″x4″ tire is a coker re-pop of an old beck.

Headlight is a foglight of a 36 ford that I converted to high/low beam.

Tail is a 31 model A.

Detail photo shows the super secret stash tube oil filter. (uses triumph trident filters)
Stainless seat by Kevin Baas (nad is super comfortable despite its looks)

Alloy tank and fender are hand polished…and looked like the back of a stop sign when I started.

Bill @ Biltwell provided the clubman bars, exhaust tips and about 2 tons of stickers and shirts (I never need to buy a shirt again!)

60’s Schwinn bicycle Grips, Tomaselli quick twist racing throttle (helps me get the hole shot everytime!)

Mike wanted me to make sure he gave a shit on of props to Hugh Mackie @ 6th St. Specials, NYC for his help and mentoring.

Greasermike 01Greasermike 02Greasermike 03

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