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Wheels up! Auburn Brit Meet.

Tomorrow I’ll be at the 30th annual British Motorcycle Meet at the Auburn Elks Club, Route 12, Auburn, Mass. Visit for more info. I’ll be walking around taking pics and handing out flyers for the greasebag.

Indian Larry Legacy

Taken at the Boston Motorcycle show 2008

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Fay Butler Drops some metal working knowledge

I’ll be posting a whole bunch of these short videos of Fay Butler; metalworker extraordinaire and Massachusetts resident, dropping knowledge and showing you how it’s done. This one is all about laying out a pattern and cutting a blank on some sheet metal. More to come soon.

The knucklebuster basement workshop

A few shots of the Knucklebuster basement laboratory right after I cleaned and organized it a few months ago. It’s complete chaos down there right now. I end up working on my bikes (usually breaking them) mostly in the 10′x8′ shed I put up in my backyard.So the basement is more of a parts […]

A lot of style in a small package

1954 Triumph Tiger Cub
She’s a beaut.

Biltwell brings the awesome

The dudes at Biltwell kill it. After donating a huge box of swag for the raffle, they also had one of their helmets pinstriped by Doc22 (on the JJ) to serve as the grand prize / best of show award for the greasebag bike show. Seriously, seriously awesome. The helmet is killer, Doc […]

Modifying an old motorcycle gas tank

Our pal cole sent in these pics and a real simple run down of what’s going on with this project he’s kicking around his shop. I dig seeing this stuff in progress, figure you will too. Here’s some notes and pics from Cole…
• Found some junk in my carb (I’ll just put a tank liner […]

Greasebag Swag: Lowbrow Customs

Today’s pile of loot for the greasebag show raffle comes from our pal Tyler at Lowbrow Customs. An embroidered Triumph Dickies work jacket? Fucking righteous! The jacket is killer and super well made, it will last for years. Plus we’ve got a PILE of bitchin’ Lowbrow t-shirts to give away and few little freebies […]

Greasebag Swag: Guilty Customs

More swag for the greasebag show, in fact, I’ll be posting new swag that you can get your greasy paws on everyday this week… wait till you see some of the goodies I’ve got for ya.
Getting back into the mix is my man CJ from Guilty Customs. CJ already donated some hight quality battery […]

1972 Norton Cafe Racer

Digging this ‘72 Norton Cafe - wish I had saved the info along with the pics.
Lifted from ebay awhile back.

Motorcycle Gaskets 101

A typical bike engine contains around three litres of oil, and one of the biggest challenges to engineers over the years has been to keep that oil where it should be.
There are many joints between the various engine castings, and nearly every one needs some means of preventing fluids from escaping. In an ideal […]

Derol’s Shovelhead

Mop up the puddle of drool beneath your chin.
Via The Flying Dutchman

Imagine this barn find

1950 Norton Catalog Cover

Whatever you do….

try not to hit any bumps….

Joints Custom Show Japan

The Japanese just continue to kill it when it comes to custom bikes. Check out these pics from the Joints Custom Show in Japan, and then click on over to Sparetime to see more.
Pics via Sparetime

Tigman Welding Pics

I was flipping through my hard drive and stumbled on these pics of Dave (aka Tigman) that I totally forgot about. These were taken when Dave was welding on some brackets and other miscellaneous mounts to my Suzuki Savage chopper project. He was also was working on an oil tank for the Triumph chopper Chris […]

Shop Class As Soul Craft

SHOP CLASS AS SOULCRAFT by Matthew B. Crawford
Why do we devalue manual work when it’s so satisfying?
The Dallas Morning News, Sunday, September 24, 2006
Anyone in the market for a good, used machine tool should talk to Noel Dempsey, a dealer in Richmond, Va. Noel’s bustling warehouse is full of metal lathes, milling machines and table […]

Greasebag News & Swag

The saddlebag you see above has been graciously donated to the Greasebag raffle by Heyltje Rose. Heyltje does some killer hand tooled leather work - from seats to bags and a lot of stuff in between. I’m psyched to have her a part of this, and even happier that she’ll be set up at […]