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Triumph vs Norton

Which Brit would you drool over more? Answer in the comments section

Getting the word out on the greasebag

It’s time to really start cranking on getting the word out for the greasebag show & swap, and I could most definitely use help. From just telling your friends to posting about it on any of the boards you visit, blogging about it, throwing up a bulletin or banner via myspace - anything and everything […]

SR400 Gallery

For a while I thought I was going to get my hands on an SR400 / 500, so I started gathering a collection of inspirational pics. I never ended up getting the bike, but I figured I’d share the pics since they are no doubt rad bikes. A lot of these were built by Bratsyle […]

American Machinist Handbook & Dictionary

This latest free ebook - The American Machinist Handbook & Dictionary - is so dense with info, I had to break it into 3 files. The whole book is over 600 pages, so you’re getting the first 225 this time around. The remaining segments will be posted soon.
Click the link to download: American Machinist Handbook […]

1971 Bikers invade baja

In celebration of the upcoming EDR run, check out this scan from a 1971 issue of Big Bike Magazine. Looks like a good time no? Click on the read more link to check out the whole article. Click pics to englarge.

Greasebag Jamboree Swag

Biltwell rules.
Check out the box of swag that they sent in for the greasebag prize raffle. I’d honestly like to keep it all, but this stuff is for you guys to win, so now you’ve got another reason to get off your ass the morning of June 14th. The root beer flake helmet is boss, […]

Taking the rise out of risers

Article by Noodelz
The frame I’m building with right now has a 6″ downtube and 4″ backbone stretch so needless to say it’s kind of a “stretch” to get the bars with short straight risers. So I piscked up a set of 4″ with 1″ pullback to get my bars back towards me. They were too […]

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Your online bolt connection

I get excited about retarded bits of info like this: a place to get all your bolts and a solid price with good service online. Newyork Andy turned me onto and their website is just brimming with everything you might need. Seriously, they just have a crazy amount of stuff to flip through […]

Ducati 900 Desmo SS

Drool away

Freddie Spencer, 17 year old motorcycle racing phenom

Sniped from Chopper Daves blog

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One Question Interview P2

Here’s the second installment of our one question interview feature, if you missed the first, check it out here: One Question Interview P1. Everyone stepped up their game this week; your gonna dig what you read.
As always, I love to hear you guys (yes YOU) answer the question as well, so use the comments section […]

Greasebag Flyer

Spray Bomb Motorcycle Paint: The rattlecan diaries

Who says you need a fancy HVLP set up to get a killer paint job. On a budget? Don’t have a compressor? Just don’t want to sink big bucks into a paint job? Let the rattlecan guide you. No doubt there is limits to what you’ll be able to achieve, and if you want the […]

Greasebag Jamboree Schedule Update

I’m sure this schedule will evolve as things get fleshed out, but here are current plans:
Sat. June 14th.
10am: Food, music, greasy parts, prizes, shop talk - the rawkin’ begins.
3pm-4pm: Bike show awards presented.
5pm: Ride out time. 3 hour ride up to 5 acres of farm land we’ve got in Vermont for partying and camping. […]

Toolmaking methods ebook

Ok chumly, we’ve got another free e-book for gearheads coming your way. It’s dubbed “Modern Toolmaking Methods” and that would be “modern” for 1915. Lots of really cool knowledge being dropped in this one… it’s one of my favorites so far. Dig in and get schooled
Click the link to download: Modern Toolmaking Methods

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David Theobald: Seat Maker

Just came across the work of leatherwork David Theobald, who’s churning out some killer seats out of the 513 area code. Clean lines, beautiful details and just well executed all around. Check out his jive at:

Greasebag Jamboree Update

So here’s an update: we’re adding a run/ride to the Greasebag this year. Fucking awesome, I know.
Currently I have two options open, both revolve around a ride up to Vermont. My pal Matt has graciously offered up the use of 5 acres of land he has up in VT - it’s about a 3 hour […]