Greaser Mike’s Ride


I’ve always really liked Greaser Mike’s sweet trump. Perfect lines and that tank is a beaut.

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  1. RustyFishhook says:

    I’m diggin’ on the back tire, anyone happen to know what brand that is?

  2. Greaser Mike says:

    It’s a re-pop of an old Beck 4×18 - you can get them from Coker. (FYI They’re really low mileage - I tend to burn them up alot!)

  3. Lowell Goss says:

    What was the donor bike for the motor?

  4. grail21 says:

    750 cc 73 T140 motor
    Full right up with more pics coming soon.

  5. sneakykiwi says:

    Hi Greaser Mike,

    Where did you get the tank from ?
    Amazing bike !

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