Taking the rise out of risers

Risertech 10
Article by Noodelz

The frame I’m building with right now has a 6″ downtube and 4″ backbone stretch so needless to say it’s kind of a “stretch” to get the bars with short straight risers. So I piscked up a set of 4″ with 1″ pullback to get my bars back towards me. They were too high but had the right pullback so I shortened them to where I wanted them.

Risertech 01 Risertech 02
First I used a hardened and ground parallel on a granite table against an angle plate so I had a square base to scribe on. The parallel is 6″ and I took 1.125″ off so I set the vernier height guage to 7.125″.

Risertech 03 Risertech 04
Then I scribed them and chucked them up in the lathe to part them off at exactly the same place on both.

Risertech 05 Risertech 06
Now they’re in two, time to get my center and scribe it out using a center finder from a combination set.

Risertech 07
Now that I have center I center punched them and put them in a drill press with a dead center in the spindle to line it up with the center punch mark.

Risertech 08 Risertech 09
Once I had my depth set I drilled with the tap drill size for a 1/2″-13 which is 27/64″. Then I levelled them out in a vise and tapped them with a bottoming tap so I could get threads all the way to the bottom.

Risertech 10-1
Finished product, now I have the rise and pullback I was after so I didn’t have to get my arms extended like Stretch Armstrong….

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