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Let’s open up April with a solid fist to the jaw shall we? Benny from boneshaker choppers sent in this sweet low slung zero engineering / chica inspired pan. Lots of killer details, some subtle, some right in your face - it’s a nice mix. No doubt it’s got the “looks fast and mean standing still” thing going on. Click the read more link below to see a bunch more pics and read the whole story, with tech specs from Benny.

I had already built one pan for Paul, a 51 in a knuck frame, short springers, 16’s front and back, dogbones, a pretty cool bike. when he came to pick it up he saw some of the other ongoing projects and we got to talking about another pan but this one was gonna be a new motor, he is a Chica fan and I like “Zero” stuff so we kinda tried to meet half way and throw in some of my own ideas too. The design was pretty much left up to me as me and Paul both had similar ideas. As long as it had the pan motor, invaders and gooseneck, he was cool with any other ideas

I ordered a Chica designed Santee frame but when it landed, it just was not goosenecked enough, so we cut the front end off and Neil goosenecked and lowered it a bit more, the bars sit about knee height.

I made the bars out of some bends welded to the ears on the top clamp and cut a sporty tank up a little, adding one of our own brass fillers, a centre strip and moved the fuel outlet to the front of the tank as well as adding a crossover pipe and external fuel gauge.
The rear guard is a BSA item held up by some struts I made with forward pointing curved spikes.

The seat is a west eagle base covered by my friend Deb Lawson, she amazes me with her leather work and it’s probably the best bit on the bike, it’s got our shop name and DTFP standing for “disturbing the fucking peace” and some really intricate detail, she’s a talented lady.

Tyres are Avon mk11’s front and back, forks are from the W&W book and I had the front legs Nickel-plated along with the bars headlight and some other bits and bobs,
brass pegs are ours.

I made the pipes exiting each side out of stainless, wrapped them and topped them off with some of our brass end caps. It is running a GMA Sprotor on the back and a weedy W&W Springer brake set up, up front, odd mix. Grips are FRC. FRC rule!!!!

Punch from G&C Cycleworks did the paint in satin black and added a spray can style rat on the oil tank that was taken from a wall piece by Banksy, not to everyone’s taste but it is something different. This is a basic job as Punch is usually flaking my bikes out with all kind of sign writing.

I did the hard lines and liked them being a bit wonky, I like the machine/ mechanical hand built look of the whole bike, the mixed metals, non-conformity of the pipes and the flat paint.
The bikes had mixed reactions from people saying it is fussy and has too many different finishes but that is exactly how it was meant to look, mind you. I like it, Paul likes it and I got paid which is all that matters to me and it’s a rider, Paul, uses his bikes and has a collection of vintage Harleys and muscle cars, he’s a cool bloke.

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Tech Specs:
Santee Frame, Goosenecked
88″ Pan Motor
Springer Forks
Invader Wheels
Avon Mk11 Tyres
Hand Tooled Leather Seat By Deb Lawson
BSA Rear Guard
Modified Sporty Tank
One Off Bars
One Off Rear Struts
Crime Scene Oil Filter
Hard Lines
One Off Pipes With Brass End Caps
FRC Grips
GMA Controls
Paint By Punch At G&C Cycleworks
GMA Sprotor
Nickel plating

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  1. cleatus says:

    oh yea and Second City Customs did the wiring and a bunch of other stuff too

  2. Boneshaker Choppers | Bike EXIF | Classic motorcycles, custom motorcycles and cafe racers says:

    […] Boneshaker Choppers The small but perfectly formed vintage v-twin scene in the UK has thrown up another gem. This time it’s the work of Benny Thomas, who runs Boneshaker Choppers in the Midlands. Benny built this bike to customer order; the understated, monochrome look is nicely set off by a handtooled leather seat and matching grips, and those accented wheel rims. The motor is from a 2003 Harley Sportster, upgraded to 1200 cc with Wiseco pistons. It sits in a Flyrite Choppers Smokin’ Gun rigid frame, powdercoated satin black like the tank, and hooked up to stock Sportster forks that have been lowered two inches. Benny fitted a new, one-off wiring loom and electronic ignition, and restored the engine cases and chrome with Scotch-Brite, of all things. The distinctive wheels are Harley hubs laced to rims that have been powdercoated in an unusual but very apt shade of oatmeal, and fitted with chunky Firestone tires. It’s a good look, and not the first time Benny has done this: Knucklebuster has featured an earlier Boneshaker build, a lovely Zero-style panhead. [Via on Flywheel, Boneshaker’s “tv magazine” concentrating on garage-built motorcycles and cars, from traditional flathead bobbers to “flaked out sixties pans”.] […]

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