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Flux Core Welding Video

Grab some popcorn, this one runs 22+ minutes long. Part 1 of 2, I’ll post the next one tomorrow.

Greasebag Jamboree Update

Just some quick updates… few more sponsors lined up to donate swag and trophies. Tyler from Lowbrow is sponsoring a trophy and donating some swag. Eastern Fabrications and Heyltje Rose are sponsoring a trophy and donating a leather saddlebag. Many thanks to those guys for stepping up to the plate.
I’m heading up the grounds after […]

Honda XL250 beauty

This 1972 XL250 makes me feel funny in my pants - this betty is shit hot.
Built by nvr2old on the cycle world board.


Chuckmatic has a killer bike. Nice photo too.

Indian Warrior Gas Tank

As they say: run it, as is.

Falcon Motorcycles

Ian Barry builds some gorgeously simple british motorcycles.
Clean, elegant and tough all rolled into one. A functional work of art some might say.
Check out the his work on the website for his shop: Falcon Motorcycles

The imperfections…

make it perfect

Photographic Brilliance

This is absolutely my favorite motorcycle photo of all time.

Milwaukee Cycle Star, Joe Koplinski on his BSA

Swiped from Chopper Dave

68 Miles Per Hour

Imagine doing 68 miles per hour on that fucker. Smooth ride I bet.

The Corpse Corps Trailer

So awesome

LED Turn Signals 101

LED Turn Signals Story
I recently installed LED turn signals on my custom hard tail, and here is the story and some things I found out, and in particular regarding that mysterious ‘load balancer’.
My custom hard tail rides (and looks) like a dream (at least in my dreams), but with a hard mount 1200 CC Sportster […]

More Swag for the Greasebag

The goodies just keep on coming. Both Blue Moon Kustoms and the guys over One World Studios (who produced the Choppertown and Brittown movies) have stepped up to sponsor trophies and send some goodies in for the raffle. Blue Moon sent in a stack of T-shirts (and there is a rumor that a […]

Colin Seeley Frame Kit

CB750 Colin Seeley Frame Kit - hotness

Indian Frame

The lines of this Indian frame are pretty much the most perfect ever built. Ever.
That may be an overly dramitc statement, but prove me wrong bub.

Two Stroke Engine Cycle

It’s not the size that matters

One of the nicest singles I’ve seen in a while.
BSA C11 engine, A10 gearbox, harley 16″ rear, jawa 19″ front,
custom frame,seat pan,gastank etc
Belongs to El Diablo on the JJ

Greaser Mike’s Ride

I’ve always really liked Greaser Mike’s sweet trump. Perfect lines and that tank is a beaut.

More Greasebag Swag: Custom Butler County leather seat

My man Dave Theobald, who runs Butler County Leathercraft out of Ohio, has stepped up huge for the Greasebag. Not only has he sponsored one of the bike show trophies, but he’s donated this kick ass, custom hand-tooled leather seat. The seat is super nice, the quality is top notch and the only way you […]

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