Wild Paint

The slideshow below is going to take a second to load, but well worth your time for the wild paint pics you’re going to dig into. New slideshowgallery format, just roll your mouse over the pics and click to advance - let me know if you dig it in the comments.

Pics lifted from this jj thread.

13 Responses to “Wild Paint”

  1. Soulfur says:

    What you doing for the paint on the Savage?

  2. grail21 says:

    black frame. silver sparkle base
    thats all I know right now and it’s subject to change.

    I’m going to build the whole thing first, get it all together and get it running and probably run it raw and ugly for a bit, then break it down and take my time with a solid paint job. this is also subject to change.

  3. kim scholer says:

    ‘Twas truly The Golden Age of tank painting…

  4. davidabl says:

    #30 (the nude Mexican Soldadera) would be killer on the upcoming EDR.

  5. grail21 says:

    kim & david: agreed

    so let me throw this one out there, what do you guys think of the gallery format (the flash based slide show), especially compared to other ways I’ve shown large photo galleries within a post. better? worse? somewhere in the middle?

  6. f-stop says:

    The gallery format works well. The only drawback is the lack of thumbnails to pick and choose from. I was reading Choppers mag back in the 70’s. Brings back memories. LOTS of bondo-work in those days. Seems silly to me now.

  7. hans goudzwaard says:

    I’m good with the gallery format. #19, the muscular amazon with the tiger on the back fender. That would go on my tank.
    All of these are pleasant change.
    Too many *skulls* in todays graphics.
    If I see another skull, I’ll vomit.

  8. hans goudzwaard says:

    A couple of examples;




  9. Soulfur says:

    Allow me to rephrase that question:

    Are you painting it, or are you handing it off to one of the many metal flake wizards you’ve come into contact with?

  10. grail21 says:

    i’m going to paint it myself, trying to do as much as I can this time around and keep it low dollar. since this is more of a learning experience for me, I figure the more I do and fuck up this time around, the better I’ll be in the future.

  11. Soulfur says:

    I agree - Paint also seems like something I should be okay with - I was going powder but I lost that argument to my lady and one man named Richie - fuckers ganged up on me…

  12. Grail says:

    two things are going to teach me patience - doing proper and complete prep work to ready everything for paint, and using a hand file to file down all my crappy mig welds. the angle grinder and the die grinder bite off way and I don’t get the precision or finished look I’m after.

  13. Soulfur says:

    I have almost no body work except for one dent in one side of my tank. Question I keep coming up against is, I got big funking fenders, I can’t even settle on a color.
    Wiring, on the other hand, is not awesome.

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