Loyd’s ‘67/72 Trumpet Chopper


Loyd checks in with this cherry trumpet…

Its a 67 frame with a 72 engine. I rebuilt the engine myself with Wes White’s DVD. (Highly recommend it!) It’s my first complete engine rebuild. The engine has a five speed transmission,Big Bore kit,Hunt magneto, and a Mikuni carb. Everything else is pretty much stock new stuff.

The chassis has a stock Triumph front end that I machined down the seal holders and I chromed everything on it. I also modified the frame to accept a 70 style frame motor mount in the front. I also have a Fouraces oil tank that I modified. I did a little R&D (RIP of and Duplicate) on the mount. Fab Kevin laser cut the mount for me from an image I sent him with measurements. He is simply awesome! The bracket fit like a glove. He is also to thank for the tail light bracket. The gas tank is an original Wassel that I welded a spinner bung onto it. The paint was done by a local guy that is just getting into bikes. I would tell you how much he charged me but you wont believe me. I did my own seat in leather and I think it came out damn good for my first try. Unfortunately my camera took a crap on me and I can not post pix.

So there it is not much to tell really. Its the second bike that I have built. I have a shovel project that is nearly done. I will be riding the Trump in the EDR this year. Should be a great ride.

In all honesty, one of the nicest bikes to drop into my mailbox. It’s beauty is in it’s simplicity and the nice clean lines. Everything compliments each other perfectly. Spot on bubba.


2 Responses to “Loyd’s ‘67/72 Trumpet Chopper”

  1. wheelsandrubber says:

    Can’t deny the simplicity.

  2. grail21 says:

    no doubt, one of the nicest I’ve seen come my way in a while.

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