Hal Robison Gallery

The late Hal Robinson, one of the godfathers of the biker ‘toon. It would be hard to dispute the lasting mark his work in Easyriders left on the scene, and it still has that same punch today, that it did back then. Here’s a quick little gallery of some of his work that I’ve found across the net. I am still looking for a copy of his book Trash, if anyone has it and they want to get rid of it, drop me a line… hell, if you’ve got some scans from it, send em my way too.

6 Responses to “Hal Robison Gallery”

  1. Jbram says:

    Awesome work. Haven’t seen it before although it’s sorta like the style I try to accomplish. His attention to mechanical details is bloody amazing.

  2. Grail says:

    Hal was brilliant. I wish I had more of his work, even on my computer. I’ve searched to no end, but it’s hard to come by.

  3. billy says:

    hey knuckle busters. great siteand i was only looking for robinson. i was really, really bummed and got drifting back how robinsons cartoons would keep me laughing as i would find the extras he would stick in his work. i had most every easy riders from about 74-96 and when hal died it just seemed the sole of the rag died too. my son has most of them stashed away some where. thanks again for making my day!

  4. Calvin says:

    Outstanding! Better than finding the Holy Grail.

  5. Shelley Muzzy says:

    I am his niece and have copies of both Trash and a bound collection of Easyriders with his work in them. My sister and I were thinking about reprinting Trash…any interest in that?

  6. Lew Murchison says:

    Shelly Muzzy-
    Oh hell yeah please reprint! I lost all copies of my easyriders stash in a flood years ago and would love to replace them. A calendar with your Uncle’s art would be cool too-

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