New Choppahed Modern Triumph Photo Gallery

Choppahead Nexpo-122-1

As promised, a legitimate shit-ton of photos of the new Choppahead modern Triumph build. Some lucky SOB in California is gonna get his grubby mitts on this. Dig it.

Choppahead Nexpo-113-1Choppahead Nexpo-112-1Choppahead Nexpo-108-1Choppahead Nexpo-107-1Choppahead Nexpo-103-1Choppahead Nexpo-110-1Choppahead Nexpo-114-1Choppahead Nexpo-109-1Choppahead Nexpo-117-1Choppahead Nexpo-118-1Choppahead Nexpo-119-1Choppahead Nexpo-120-1Choppahead Nexpo-121-1Choppahead Nexpo-123-1Choppahead Nexpo-124-1Choppahead Nexpo-100-1Choppahead Nexpo-101-1Choppahead Nexpo-102-1Choppahead Nexpo-104-1Choppahead Nexpo-105-1Choppahead Nexpo-106-1Choppahead Nexpo-111-1

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5 Responses to “New Choppahed Modern Triumph Photo Gallery”

  1. Tannis says:

    The boyz at Choppahead did right fine job on this! Good to see the Hinkley Triumph used in this way.


    Great looking scooter! One I would love to see in person! Smoothe Choppin’!

  3. Blue Lew says:

    Most Triumph’s that are chopped, even those back in ‘the day’, looked awkward … this baby is nice … would sit proudly aside any modern-day stretched/chopped Milwaukee Iron and hold it’s head up proudly ,,,very impressive!

  4. TigMan says:

    ya that looks just like the first frame I built for Jay

  5. FriarJohn says:

    I always love to see custom bikes based on the Hinckley twin.

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