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Oxy-Acetylene Welding eBook

Here’s another free eBook for you to download as part of our “Old books for backyard motorcycle builders” series.
I’ve posted a book about Oxy-Acetylene Welding before, but I’m a book nerd, so more is always better in that regard. Straight out of 1919 comes Lorn Campbell Jr. with his Oxy-Acetylene Welding Manual. Get schooled […]

Daytona Bike Week 2008 Photo Gallery

Pedro sent me a whole ton of pics he took at Daytona Bike week 2008 which I’ve posted in the photos section. The good, bad and ugly is included (plenty of ugly) - some of you will dig it all, some of you won’t dig much of it, but there is good stuff to see. […]

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The way it should be

I know the photo is a bit grainy, but it rules none the less. From May 1988 issue of Easy Riders nonetheless.

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Old Invader Wheel Ad

Gotta love old biker ads, here’s a classic one for 7 spoke invader wheels from the 1977 issue of Street Chopper. Click it up for a closer look.

Inch to MM conversion Chart

Here’s a handy file for you to print out and post up in the garage. Inch to metric conversion chart.
Click the image below to download the PDF.

Dave’s Trump

Dave’s Trump @ Lars Anderson 2007
(Photo © G. Mortillaro | Knucklebuster Inc. 2008)

TIG Welding Basics Video

Check out this 5 minute excerpt from Ron Covell’s Tig Welding Basic Video, lots of good info crammed in there.

Aluminum Polishing Redux

A few weeks ago I posted a link to a aluminum polishing tutorial (click here if you missed it). Martin from Sweden sent me a link to another aluminum polishing how-to that you can check out here: More Aluminum Polishing. It’s not as detailed as the first, but its solid, quick and easy to digest […]

Wild Paint

The slideshow below is going to take a second to load, but well worth your time for the wild paint pics you’re going to dig into. New slideshowgallery format, just roll your mouse over the pics and click to advance - let me know if you dig it in the comments.

Pics lifted from this jj […]

Indian Larry | New England Motorcycle Expo | 04

(Photo © G. Mortillaro | Knucklebuster Inc. 2008)

Free Metal Casting eBook

Here’s another free e-book for you to download as part of our “Old books for backyard motorcycle builders” series.
From the year 1909 is this little ditty called Foundry Practices and it’s all about metal casting and molding.
Click the link to download: Metal Casting e-Book

To learn more about our free ebook series, go here
And to see […]

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Savage Chopper Build: 90 degree intake manifold

I’ve been pretty bad about posting updates to the Suzuki Savage Chopper Project, but I have been working on it and slowly moving forward. I’ve still got a long laundry list of stuff to do, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The goal is to have it done in […]

Loyd’s ‘67/72 Trumpet Chopper

Loyd checks in with this cherry trumpet…

Its a 67 frame with a 72 engine. I rebuilt the engine myself with Wes White’s DVD. (Highly recommend it!) It’s my first complete engine rebuild. The engine has a five speed transmission,Big Bore kit,Hunt magneto, and a Mikuni carb. Everything else is pretty much stock new stuff.
The chassis […]

Knucklebuster PDF Magazine

An early page from the upcoming knucklebuster PDF magazine….
The what? ssshhhhh….

Lars Anderson Show 2007

Vintage BWM class.
(Photo © G. Mortillaro | Knucklebuster Inc. 2008)

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Knucklebuster Propaganda

Another Knucklebuster desktop for your downloading pleasure.Skulls rule.
Click the pic above for the full size (1024×768) image, then right click and hit save as to download it to your computer