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New Choppahead Modern Triumph Build

Just a bit of a teaser. Full gallery coming soon.
Taken at the New England Motorcycle Expo in Boston, 2008

Robbie Maddison Sets New World Record

As the final official installment of video week here on Knucklebuster, we’ve got Robbie Maddison – who may be a certified lunatic – setting a new world record by jumping 322 ft on New Years eve 2007. That’s longer than a football field folks. Pretty effin nutty.

Metal Meet 2006

Check out these video highlights from Metal Meet 2006. Real cool stuff, pay attention and you might even learn something. Hopefully I’ll make it to one of these events one day.

See how gold leafing is done

Ever wanted to see how gold leafing is done? Well thanks to our pals over at now you can. Watch Belgian Pinstriper El Cheapo applying gold leaf to a fueltank at the Bigtwin Bikeshow Rosmalen 2007. Three video segments in all, watch the first one above, and the remaining 2 by click on the read […]

Black Stallion

Lots of scan goodness coming your way soon. Get ready for a lot of awesome.
Above: From Street Chopper, June 1982. Click for bigger.

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Knucklebuster Flickr Photo Group

One of the cool things about posting more often and putting some extra work into this site is that the results become visible pretty quick. With the increased posting over the past month more dudes are regularly checking out the site, sending in their bikes or tech articles and commenting on posts. By all accounts, […]

Setting up you’re oxy-acetylene torch for welding & brazing

Quick video on how to set up a oxy-acetylene torch for welding and brazing, which also touches on the carbonizing flame. Very well done, looks like it comes from an instructional DVD of some sort. The narrator is specifically talking about using it with bronze, but the torch set up for getting a neutral flame […]

Mooneyes best of show winner: The Mod Chopper

The infamous “Mod” chopper from Hide Motorcycle’s out of Japan. Winner of the best motocycle at the Mooneyes Show. Rockin’

The Amateur Mechanic’s Workshop eBook

Here’s another tasty old book for you to download. Chiming in from from the year 1874 is “The Amateur Mechanic’s Workshop”, which is dubbed “A treatise containing plain and concise directions for the manipulation of wood and metals, including casting, forging, brazing, soldering and carpentry”. Well alright cat, get your learn on.
Click to download: […]

70 degrees in January

Some JJ alums from DC struck it rich with a 70 degree day in January, so they all headed out for some two-wheel terrorizing – camera in tow. Ed put together this quick vid for us stuck out in the cold to get jealous over. Global warming ain’t so bad on days like that huh

Bob’s Briggs and Statton based chopper

This is one of the cooler small engine choppers (I hesitate to call it a mini) that I have ever seen. Reader Bob Decker checks in with a few pics of his V twin, OHV Briggs & Stratton based bike. Bob says this thing will pound the pavement at 70mph @ 3600 - well hell […]

Shaping metal with hardwood slapper

Quick video of some metal shaping using a buck and a hardwood metal slapper.

New England Motorcycle Expo 2008 Review

Here’s my quick review/rundown of the New England Motorcycle Expo this weekend…
Got there Saturday night a bit after 6pm - definitely was not crowded. I guess there were a lot of people there during the day, but it was pretty sparse when I walked in.
Cost to get in - yes yes, putting on these shows […]

Video Week & American Triumph

I have a huge stash of videos bookmarked that I’ve collected with the intention of posting them to the site. I’ve almost got 40 of them saved, so it’s time to clear a bunch out of the queue. Everyday this week I’ll be posting at least one video for you to check out, some days […]

Saskatoon street menace

Reader Cole Jabusch checks in from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada folks) with a couple pics of his ride. Inspired by his friend Cory (who’s W650 we featured here not too long ago) Cole ripped a stock KZ440 into a grizzy pavement pounder. Nicely done.
The bike started out as a 1982 Kawasaki KZ440 belt drive. I actually […]

Triton Build Blog

Is it me, or are there more people building Triton’s these days? Maybe I just never paid much attention to it, but there seems to be more people jumping on that train. Cool by me cuz I dig checking’ em out. Here’s a blog by a brit chap living Seattle. He’s in the process of […]

Trond’s 1948 Panhead Chopper

Trond Jensen checks in from Oslo with his ‘48 Panhead….
Really cool web site!!
My name is TROND JENSEN , and I live in Oslo, Norway. I own a 1948 fl panhead. It was a “basketcase” when i bought it 2 years ago. I have built it from the ground-up. It has a “suicide clutch and a […]

Northeast / Boston Motorcycle Expo

As a backyard greasebag, it’s kind one of those events you love to hate, but more often than not end up going anyway. Yup, it’s time for the Northeast Motorcycle Expo again; the bastion of billet, chrome and high dollar doodads. So why is a low rent guy like me going? Frankly, for all it’s […]

Small and Unorthodox Workshops

In a week or so I’d like to run a photo story focused on small and/or unorthodox workshops. So this is an open call for you to send in some photos and info (or tool list) showing off where you wrench. No garage spaces though - I’m more interested in seeing how people bust knuckles […]

Ron Covell At Mooneyes Show Japan

One of the masters of metalshaping showing how it’s done on the english wheel.
Ron Covell at the Mooneyes doing what he does best. Video courtesty of