Build Your Own English Wheel

12In E-Wheel

Admit it, you lust for an english wheel to call your own. Ever since you saw Jesse James rock it on the discovery channel, you’ve been like “I’ve GOT to get me one of THOSE!” Broham, I feel for you. For some of us there is a primordial need to own every tool our eyes ever set themselves upon… it’s encoded in our genetics… seriously. Even if we know that we might only use it a handful of times, we still feverously lust for it. So what’s a dude with shallow pockets to do? Earn some street cred and build it yourself! While all your bro’s are talking about how much they spent on their wheel or how the one they bought at Harbor Freight is a POS, you can step up to the mount and be like “yeah, yeah I built my shit” So how do you do it? We’ve got you covered bro - check out the link below for a full walk through on how to build your own benchtop english wheel. The how-to is straightforward, and the wheel is surprisingly simple to build. I like that it’s a compact wheel - doesn’t take up a lot of shop space and should be big enough for most sickle related sheet metal projects. So get to it chap, you can’t be the second coming of Jesse James if you don’t walk away from the TV or computer.
How To Build Your Own English Wheel

2 Responses to “Build Your Own English Wheel”

  1. AttilaHOD says:

    I am so building one of those!

  2. J.B. "machobuck" says:

    That little thing would come in very handy…I think with the same tech a free-hand beader could also be produced and may be more effective and usefull as this wheel is a bit skimpy…Cool reguardless

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