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Listen jack, we all dream of building or buying a dream garage to pack full of greasy bits, future projects and a shit ton of room to wrench in. I can see the thought bubble above your head right now… 40′ x 60′ aircraft hanger style building with a dedicated parts section in the back, boxes full of tools, lathe, mill, english wheel, giant air compressor, 220 power, maybe a car lift for that hot rod project you want to do on the side and a fully stocked fridge for when the bro’s come over. We’re all got dreams bubba, and maybe someday we’ll get it…then we’ll want something bigger - them’s just the hard facts. In the meantime, we make due with what we got - and some of us got more than others, but the pics in this gallery are proof that you don’t need oodles of space to build that sickle you’re dreaming of. Seriously, some of these guys are building bikes in spaces the size of a closet, so I don’t want to hear any bitchin’ about that 1 car garage you got on the side of the house. When I put the call out for pics and info a few weeks back, I wasn’t sure what I was going to get, but I sure wasn’t expecting the great response. These pics are pure inspiration, and prove the point that with the right amount of determination you can build a bike pretty much anywhere.

As a side note, the photo gallery programming that I did below took me a bit of time to figure out, which is why the feature is running a little late, but it’s a much better way to dig into the pics. Any notes or comments from the shops owner is attached to the photo and will pop up anytime you roll your mouse over it. Cool stuff.

So there you go, I’ll run another segment of the small workshop series in the future, so if you’ve got one, make sure to send pics my way (email to And don’t forget to leave some comments on this post after you’ve checked out the pics.

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10 Responses to “Small Motorcycle Workshop Gallery”

  1. steve haas says:

    calls me back to the early 70’s in phoenix, rebuilding an old dirtbike in the spare bedroon of a second floor apartment. Got my deposit back!

  2. dane says:

    you need to remove the banner on the bottom of the photos, as it covers up a lot of the photos. instead of overlapping the photo, just create new space. (by the way, I’m using Mozilla … too lazy to check with IE)

    it really killed the whole article for me.

  3. grail21 says:

    dane: if your mouse is not over the photo, the banner disappears. it’s just a rollover effect, and the caption only appears when your mouse is over the photo.

  4. dane says:

    i noticed that after i posted that comment =X

    couldn’t delete the comment or i would have.
    sorry i’m a dumbass, the article is sick as ever.

  5. grail21 says:

    no worries man, its good to have the comments here in case some one else didn’t notice it. glad you dig it.

  6. OldStaleNegative says:

    nice article. I work in a condo garage space with a steep incline where I have to lock everything down from crackheads when not being worked on. shit sucks, but could be worse. Slideshow thingie is alright, last one was too, but I prefer blog-style where you can just scroll down…

  7. Blaine says:

    This is a good article. I always bitch about my tiny supposed 1 car garage. It simply amazes me the quality and ingenuity that some people pop out of what is no more then a closet. I can’t even imagine the ramifications of me rolling a bike into my house let alone my living room.

  8. kim scholer says:

    Favorite workshop was the one-room apartment in Warsaw-pact era Warsaw, where a friend of mine built his WLA and Indian Scout choppers (extended forks and all). His luck was having an understanding wife, who thought his wrenching was less impractical than having to share a kichen with some other families.

  9. kim scholer says:

    Should have taken pictures, but we didn’t do it so much back then.

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