How to make your own stainless steel fender


It’s fair to say that there are many methods of working metal by hand that are slowly becoming lost arts. While CNC, CAD, waterjet and automated welding machines (among others) all have their place in production environments, and may even be necessary for certain one-off parts, the fact is, these parts lose the soul that gets pounded into them when they’re built by hand. If you’ve read this site for any amount of time, you know which side of the fence I fall on. I dig advances in technology just as much as anyone, but my heart belongs to methods of building that don’t require a computer. That’s why I get a grin on my face when I see someone like J.B take the long, hard road getting himself a fender. Instead buying one off the shelf he taught himself how to build it… all by hand, using nothing but hand tools. Did I mention he’s only 18? I’m not sure what you were doing at the age of 18, but I’m going to bet you weren’t building bitchin’ stainless steel fenders by hand. But it gets better - no only did J.B build a killer fender, he documented the whole process with pics so he could share the process with all us jamokes who feed off seeing this stuff. So click on the read more link below to watch J.B take a flat piece of stainless steel and turn it into a rockin’ fender.

6 wide and very short ,I’m building this for practice and nothing more. First time I’ve used this technique.

The first cut…

Stuff is sharp!

Make a tight roll…

Annealing - the metal does not have to change color


Now comes the fun part. This is where she starts to take shape!
Its a slow process…
At this point its very hard to work the peice. The roll prevents your mallet from contact. So what I did was pulled the roll so it would be a tad more “open”… I was now able to work the peice from any angle…

More of the same…I have found that with stainless steel, annealing is key. I put 10 hours into a nice 20g fender only to find a crack along the edge. I had to scrap it! (Not talking about the current peice)

Starting to look like a fender…
Wheeling after a dose of the sandbag and mallet…
This is the only “dolly” I have but it does the job. Hammer off of it in the center of the piece
At this point youll be able to strike a match in the center of your palm…Chicks dig it
Getting there
Fast foward a bit and your here
I plannished it then “flaired” it. The edges as I plan on rolling the outside edge.
Wheel the edge a little more…From here on its mostly hand work. This will be my first time rolling an edge.
And done!…

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