Flatiron Mike’s EDR 2008 Build: Part 7

By Flatiron Mike
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Just ’cause you can, doesn’t mean you should. Bored and (almost) tanked (can you stand the pun and irony!). Here’s some pics of gas tank options to pass the time.

5 gal. Sportster (will be chopped, eventually):

Coupla gal. Hodaka Wombat Combat (?!):

H-D Leggero (whoa!):

Threw this Honda alloy number on too. This will be for the Kaw Cafe build once the Flathead’s completed

Standard Wassell
Here’s the last tank I tried. Ain’t gonna work

And the winner is….

Stay tuned for the next installment

6 Responses to “Flatiron Mike’s EDR 2008 Build: Part 7”

  1. Daniel K says:

    IMHO the Sposter and Honda “flow” the best with the frame, although the Leggero and Wombat (?! indeed) are cool too. Just my 2 ยข. Still looking mighty cool, and looking forward to more of the build.

  2. tony s says:

    I’ve got an original amf sprint tank in great shape thet would look sweet on that scooter. deep tunnel

  3. grail21 says:

    FYI: Mike has already chosen a tank, you’ll be finding out which one in a new post tomorrow…. oh the suspense!

  4. altchop says:

    That last tank? I like it, where can I get for my XS?

  5. Flatironmike says:

    Hey altchop:

    Cycle Exchange has repro’d the ‘axed harley’ or ‘Alien’ tank, as they’re calling them. you can get ‘em here: http://www.cyclexchange.net/Harley%20Page.htm
    say hey to Ken

  6. grail21 says:

    Fuck, thanks dude, I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember who was repro’ing those tanks and I couldn’t remember at all. sick.

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