Bob’s Briggs and Statton based chopper

Briggs 02

This is one of the cooler small engine choppers (I hesitate to call it a mini) that I have ever seen. Reader Bob Decker checks in with a few pics of his V twin, OHV Briggs & Stratton based bike. Bob says this thing will pound the pavement at 70mph @ 3600 - well hell fuckin’ yeah is what I say. Dig that fucking leafer on the front - classy man, classy. Can’t say I’d ever being looking to build one of these, but it’s cool as fuck, no doubt.

Click on read more for 2 more pics and the full tech spec sheet.

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Specifications For Black Briggs Bobber

Frame—————————Probably nos aftermarket hardtail from the 60s
Wheelbase———————58 in.
Rims—————————–18 x 2.15
Tires—————————–18 x 4
Hubs—————————–Honda 350
Swept Area——————–56.5 sq. in.
Brakes Loaded—————-8.8 lbs. per sq. in.
Curb Weight——————-300 lbs. / 200 lb. rider - 500lbs.
Rake—————————-25 degrees
Trail—————————–3 in.
Suspension——————–Leaf spring over leading rocker
Floorboards——————-24 in. Wide and 8 in. clearance
Lean—————————-35 degrees
Ground Clearance———–6 in.
Axle to Ground—————13 in.
Crankshaft to Ground——-11.75 in.
Handlebars——————–Lowrise buckhorns 31 in. wide with 5 in. rise on 3.5 in. dogbone risers
Grips—————————Anderson style
Engine————————-V twin ohv Briggs and Stratton
Displacement—————–34.75 cu. in. / 570 cu. cent.
HP——————————18 @ 3600 rpm
Torque————————-30 ft. lbs. @ 2400 rpm
Exhaust————————two into one header 1.75 in. auto
Drive Train——————–comet ind torque converter
Drive Clutch——————-44 c magnum
TQ Overall Ratio————-2.43 to 1
Final Drive———————428 chain sprockets/ 15t into 60t for 4 to 1 ratio
Speed————————–70 mph @ 3600 rpm
Frame Geometry————-Cloned from Indian 101 Scout
Steering Geometry———–Cloned from Indian 101 Scout

If you’ve got questions or want to get in touch with bob, you can contact him at:

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  1. Justin says:

    This is a great bike. Do you have any more frame specs? If so can you please send them?

  2. greg says:

    was that engine originally a horizontal shaft or did you have to modify it at all, did you move the oil pickup?
    i am going to replicate this bike! amazing job

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