One Sharp Evo Chop


One of the sharpest evo chops I’ve seen in a while.
The japanese got a lockdown on using this style of gas tank. Love em

Via th Duas Caras Cycles Blog


edit: That’s a Twin Cam not an Evo. Thanks to Capt Moe for the heads up.

4 Responses to “One Sharp Evo Chop”

  1. milez says:

    got any info on the tank? hopefully available to the no talent copypusses masses.

  2. grail21 says:

    I’m going to assume it’s a custom fabbed or modded tank. Closest thing I’ve seen are the egg tanks that pop up on ebay from time to time (which come from japan and are usually $180+ shipping). Paughco has some mustank tanks that are close, but not quite the same. I remember seeing another “egg” type tank somewhere recently, but I can’t remember where. I’ll post up the info if I remember.

  3. capt moe says:

    thats not a evo its a twin cam but its still a cool bike

  4. grail21 says:

    Thanks for the heads up Capt. Post has been updated.

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