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Believe it or not, we like to hear what you think about the stuff we post on this site. And by we, I mean me - since I’m the only one that posts shit. The easiest way to do this is to use the comments system.

What’s the comment system you ask? Dig it - built into ever post is a way for you to leave your own comments on the subject. Whether it’s about a cool bike, a tech article or something entirely different, if you’ve got something to say on the topic, lets hear it. The hope is that over time, each post will generate it’s own discussions, much like a message board, and a little bit more of the community aspect is brought to this site.

So how do you leave a comment? Super easy. Here are the 2 easy steps, complete with pics to walk you through it.

Howtocomment 01
1) At the bottom of every post there is a link that says “comments”. Click on that and it will take you to…

Howtocomment 02
2) The comments form. Fill out the info (name, and email, website is optional), leave your comments and hit submit comment. That’s it. No passwords, no trickery, no spam. If you’re commenting for the first time, it might take a bit of time before it gets posted to the site. That’s because everyone’s first comment has to get approved by personally by me. No, it’s not a censorship thing, it’s a security thing - to make sure you’re not some spambot leaving comments about make it bigger pills or some other type of hogwash. Once your first comment is approved, your subsequent comments will get posted to the site right when you click submit.

So that’s the deal, pretty easy no? I’d dig it a bunch if you help build the community aspect of this site bet sharing your opinion, experiences and knowledge via the comments section. Good, bad and ugly - it’s all welcome here.

7 Responses to “How to leave comments”

  1. degrell says:

    Hah, I was about to comment that awesome Nimbus bobber but then in the end I didn’t. So, this post was a direct reply on that I guess :-) .

    Thanks for a brilliant blog - keep up the good work!

  2. grail21 says:

    Thanks man, glad you dig the site

  3. Knucklebuster » Blog Archive » Small Motorcycle Workshop Gallery says:

    […] So there you go, I’ll run another segment of the small workshop series in the future, so if you’ve got one, make sure to send pics my way (email to And don’t forget to leave some comments on this post after you’ve checked out the pics. […]

  4. Noodelz says:

    Love the props to small shops, Grail, as a small shop builder it makes the finished product all that much cooler to me knowin how may times I bumped my head on the ceiling or parts hangin on the wall to build a cool ride. Use what yea got! Thanks for the bitchin article.

  5. sideshow elvis says:

    i was wondering how to get those sweat brass nuts that are shown on “how to split ironhead rockers”
    email me please!!!

  6. grail21 says:

    I believe Joe got those from Weyland at Solutions Machining, but I’d stay away from him now. He moved shops or something and scewed a lot of people over in the process from what I hear. Try McMaster Carr maybe.

  7. Pete C says:

    & to think that i’ve been bummed lately cause i don’t have a garage to use as a shop. it’s almost like i was supposed to see these pics. thanks grail!!!

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