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Build Your Own English Wheel

Admit it, you lust for an english wheel to call your own. Ever since you saw Jesse James rock it on the discovery channel, you’ve been like “I’ve GOT to get me one of THOSE!” Broham, I feel for you. For some of us there is a primordial need to own every tool our eyes […]

My Favorite posts of February 2008

February cranked: 48 entries in 29 days. Most posts in any single month to date. Here are a handful of my favorites.
Small Motorcycle Workshop Gallery
So you Want a Bobber
The Flatiron Mike Build Posts
How to leave comments
Free Motorcycle How-to ebooks
How to read a micrometer
Trond’s Panhead
If you missed any posts from February, you can check them […]

Ironhead Sportster | New England Motorcycle Expo

Ironhead Sportster | New England Motorcycle Expo

Flatiron Mike’s EDR 2008 Build: Part 10

By Flatiron Mike
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How do you mount a non stock headlight bracket to a VL Springer ??? Don’t know, never had a VL Springer before. Here’s my take on the task on this ‘balmy’ 40 deg. day.
The travel of […]

Small Motorcycle Workshop Gallery

Listen jack, we all dream of building or buying a dream garage to pack full of greasy bits, future projects and a shit ton of room to wrench in. I can see the thought bubble above your head right now… 40′ x 60′ aircraft hanger style building with a dedicated parts section in the back, […]

So you want a bobber

So you want a bobber

By Josh “2_Wheel_Nation” Calvi
Originally posted on the Jockey Journal,reprinted with permission.
chapter 1:
so, it’s official, you want a bobber. let me guess… you were sitting at the tattoo parlor waiting for your turn to get something deeply meaningful drilled into your flesh when this guy rides up on the sickest bike you’ve […]

Flickr Photo Group

Just a reminder to check out the Knucklebuster Flickr photo group, where you can post up your ride for the rest of us to check out.
Dig into all the info here: Knucklebuster Flickr photo group announcement and uploading instructions.

Flatiron Mike’s EDR 2008 Build: Part 9

By Flatiron Mike
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Here’s the scoop on the Sunday action. Fabbed a surrogate tunnel / tank mount to the um, uh, NO IT’S NOT A WASSELL (unless there was a Tokyo branch office). Split a length of steel tube, […]

Knee draggin’ harley

Courtesy of Nardi

Smokeout Shovel Sweetness

3 “S’es” compadre
Smokeout. Shovelhead. Sweetness
Photo By Grail © 2008

Matchless Cafe Racer

Matchless Cafe Racer
At the Lars Anderson European Motorcycle Day 2007
Photo by Grail © 2008

How to read an inch-based micrometer caliper

Written by El Caballo from the JJ
I have started to teach myself machining principles and I thought I would go ahead and do a series of tech articles like I did when I was in welding school. Not only will I be giving out some useful information, I will be reinforcing this in my own […]

Triumph Chopper Pre-Sale Teaser

Full details and sale price coming soon.

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Flatiron Mike’s EDR 2008 Build: Part 8

By Flatiron Mike
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Ed note: The answer the cliffhanger from the last post, Mike chose the Wassell tank. The next installment of this series will be about the gas tank mounting process. Now onto our regularly scheduled program…
Need to […]

Knucklebuster Desktop

Fun for all you greasebags turned computer nerds: knucklebuster desktops!
Here’s the first in the series - expect many more soon. Click the pic above for the full size (1024×768) image, then right click and hit save as to download it to your computer

Huge Parts Lot For Sale

Had these bike parts up for sale around Thanksgiving, but the deal fell through and I’m just getting around to relisting it now. So here’s your second chance at a swinging deal - great for all you dudes who do (or want to get into doing) swap meets.
Time to clean out the garage and make […]

Hunter S. Thompson & Motorcycles

A bit of remembrance for the man, the myth, the legend - Hunter S. Thompson. Easily one of my favorite writers of all time. Went out on his own dime 3 years ago today - can’t say I agree with his methods, but it was part of the madness that made him who he was. […]

How to make your own stainless steel fender

It’s fair to say that there are many methods of working metal by hand that are slowly becoming lost arts. While CNC, CAD, waterjet and automated welding machines (among others) all have their place in production environments, and may even be necessary for certain one-off parts, the fact is, these parts lose the soul that […]

Flatiron Mike’s EDR 2008 Build: Part 7

By Flatiron Mike
Ed Note: You can view all the entries related to this build at it’s own special web address:
Just ’cause you can, doesn’t mean you should. Bored and (almost) tanked (can you stand the pun and irony!). Here’s some pics of gas tank options to pass the time.
5 gal. Sportster (will be chopped, eventually):

Coupla […]

New T-Shirt Line Up

2008 Knucklebuster T-Shirt line coming to the webstore soon. Stay tuned.