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Westside Motorcycle Club, 1938

Click on over to youtube to check out this incredible video of guys from the Westside Motorcyclle Club from Eugene, Oregon doing some stunt riding…. in 1938.  Some seriously amazing footage. Bitchin’

Flatiron Mike’s EDR 2008 Build: Part 2

By Flatiron Mike
Ed Note: You can view all the entries related to this build at it’s own special web address:
Here’s a low tech / low buck set of VL Springer risers and hbars I made today.

Materials: 1″ round stock, (damaged) Topper hbars, Triumph ‘P’ clamps, 1/2″ sched 40 black iron pipe nipple.

Cut a 1 1/8″ […]

2001 Sportster Chop

Nate sent in some pics of his 2001 sporty. Check the shocks on the front end and that down tube. Crafty.
2001 sporty drivetrain, friends and I pretty much did the rest. The springer is running a couple of mountain bike shocks and we incorporated a billet big block chevy cam as the downtube for the […]

Flatiron Mike’s EDR 2008 Build: Part 1

Our pal Flatiron Mike (who’s been featured here before with his Softail Knucklehead) is well into another super sweet build, this one especially for the 2008 El Diablo Run. With Mike’s blessing, we’re going to be bringing you the entire build - from beginning to end - for your viewing, entertainment and educational pleasure. (damn, […]

Suzuki Savage Chopper Project Update

I went down to see Dave ( a few weekends ago to get some more welding done on the Suzuki Savage Chopper. Things are coming along nicely and as long as the coming weekends work in my favor, the bike should be done by spring. We got a bunch done in a short amount of […]

1972 1000cc Sportster Chopper

From the mailbox: A while back I posted a bunch of bikes John Krena sent in. There was a couple I didn’t get to, here’s one of them.
Info: 1972 Sportster, 1000cc, stock polished carb, all chromed, 21″ over Denvers ( Freddie Hernandez) springer, HOK Kandy Brandywine. Used to be owned by Kutty Noteboom awhile ago; […]

Knucklebuster on Biker Radio Magazine

Not too long ago I posted a link to a website / podcast called Biker Radio Magazine. Ken - the host - puts on an interesting and professional show that covers a fair bit of ground when it comes to motorcycles. I like the fact that many of the shows have a D.I.Y or “learn […]

Triton Motorcycle

From the mailbox: I got very little info on this boss Triton when it was sent in - essentially here is an article about my bike. Great, except the article is in a language I can’t read (Hungarian maybe?). However, the bike is bitchin’ and the pics are great, so here it is.
You can check […]


As if there was any doubt, Bratstyle from Japan continues to impress with this SR600.
Photo via Sparetime

Dutch Chopper Forum

From the mailbox: Cooperboy checks in with a link to a low budget chopper forum he’s put together that looks pretty cool. Impossible for me to read since the whole thing is in Dutch, but I was able to navigate around and check out some pics. These guys are of the same mindset as we […]

Billy the Brit and his Ariel Single

Billy the Brit checks in with a couple more pics of his Ariel… or so he says. Apparently there is a bike in the two pics I’ve posted, but like me, I’m sure many of you are having a hard time actually seeing it. Pics are from a photo shoot for Back Street Heroes Magazine.
As […]

Vintage Brit Bikes in Kansas / Steve McGee

More from the mailbox: Tim P. checks in from Marquette, Kansas with an array of rockin’ brit bikes. According to Tim, Steve McGee (who theses bikes belong to) is the boss man when it comes to vintage brit iron out in his neck of the woods. Hard to argue with that when you peep these […]

1966 Triumph Chopper

I get a lot of emails on a day to day basis - most of it junk, but mixed in I get some great submissions sent in by folks reading the site. Unfortunately, my manic schedule and million other projects sometimes get in the way of my best organizational efforts and these submissions get “lost” […]

Flyrite Chopper Assembly Video

Check out this time lapse video of the guys from Boneshaker Choppers assembling a Flyrite rolling chassis with a Sportster motor.Cool flick from start to finish.
Thanks to Dave K. for sending this in.


Absolutely drool worthy.
Photos from sparetime

Yosemite Sam Radoff

Wild psychedelic paint schemes? Yosemite Sam Radoff has got you covered.
Go to: then click on Custom Paint and bikes to see some wild choppers.
groovy man, groovy.

Metal Casting

The idea of metal casting has intrigued me for a long time. When I stumbled on it made the idea seem much less difficult and actually quite do-able. Tons of do-it-yourself projects from making you own furnace on the cheap to mixing molding sand to the actual casting process. There is so much info […]

Indian Motorcycle Photos

Some things you just can’t fake. The soul that screams from these bikes is one of them. has well over 3000 photos of some of the most righteous motorcycles ever built.
Maybe I’m flushed with nostalgia, but flipping through these photos (especially the race bikes) it’s easy to come to the conclusion that the […]