Oh so fresh paint


Bro… Seriously…. This fucker rips your nuts off it’s so sick. The whole bike is an ass kicker, but the custom tank and the seriously unFUCKINbelievable (yes, one word) paint job rawk it hard. Don’t be surprised if the paint on the Savage chopper is heavily inspired by this. Love it.

Photos from: Sparetime, photo rulers extraordinaire

4 Responses to “Oh so fresh paint”

  1. Tbone says:

    Unfuckiningbelieveable is dead nuts on!

  2. Rafael Jordan says:

    Kick ass paint job!!! Who did it? My bike needs paint…

  3. grail21 says:

    Hey Rafael
    I wish I knew, it’s definitely some Japanese shop that did it. The photo is from the sparetime photo site, but it’s all in japanese so I can’t read a lick of it. You can try to contact them via their site, maybe they can read english: http://sparetime.jp/

    or, get in touch with French Kiss Kustoms in Florida. Tell them Grail from Knucklebuster sent you their way. They can do pretty much anything: www.frenchkisskustoms.com

  4. Rod says:

    The paint is extraordinary! I spent time at the Sparetime site. It took me a while to stop staring! Mesmerizing I say! Organic!

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