Post vacation check in - back in the shack


O.K monkey’s, I’m back stateside trying to get back into the swing of things. Italy was rad, except for getting the flu for a few days. Everyone there was sick, an epidemic they called it. Regardless, times were good and the food - as to be expected - was incredible.

I kept a lookout for cool cool bikes, but there wasn’t many in the part of Sicily I was in. The occasional older Guzzi or Ducati - but mostly stock jap sport bikes. The number of folks 2-wheels - mostly scooters - always astounds me. It’s fucking manic. I’d call it a extravaganza of chaotic lane splitting, but there are no lanes, so it’s more like plain old fucking chaos. Traffic laws (if they exists) are merely “suggestions” and if you don’t feel like following them, well hey, that’s ok too.

Anyway, all is good, I’m back in the shack pounding away on the keyboard and prepping tons of new shit to post. Keep your eyes peeled for a few new things I worked on while I was away - including a couple of specific calls for submissions I’ll be looking to you guys to be a part of. For the folks that sent in submissions while I was gone, they’ll be getting posted soon. And for the couple of t-shirt orders that came in, those are going in the mail tonight.

Rock on Amadeus

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