Lathe Operation Manual


I love the internet because with a little effort you stumble across things like this: the U.S Army’s Lathe Operation Manual for machinist. I’m a knowledge junkie, especially with anything that is or could be related to bike building, so coming across this kind of stuff (for free!) gets me psyched. Hopefully by sharing it here I make it a little easier for some folks to dig their teeth into. So for all you D.I.Y junkies here is something meaty to chew on. Enjoy.

Click to download: U.S Army Lathe Operation Manual

2 Responses to “Lathe Operation Manual”

  1. shaun says:

    well thank you for that download, i was just thinking of buying a lathe to do some bits of work but its been a long time since i used one as an apprentice…this book is really helpful….cheers shaun

  2. Roy Schmidt says:

    I have a manual lathe. I am self taught and do exfellent work with what I know. I occasionally come across something that I’ve not done before and this kind of information is very hard to come by today as it’s becoming almost a lost art. Most machines today are computer driven and require different skills. Thanks for this wonderful bit of information.



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