Flatiron Mike’s EDR 2008 Build: Part 5

By Flatiron Mike
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In the home stretch with the Flathead project (riiight). Here’s the modified seatmount and pogo setup using a FabKev hidden seat mount and repro stock pogo. Big ups to Jon Volk for the welding and band saw and beer bong (well no, no beer bong):

- welded the seat mount (corrrectly, not like last time!!!)
- fabbed and welded the pogo link ‘receiver’ from 4130 1/2″x1 1/2″ rec tube from McMaster Carr
- modified (shortened/stiffened) the pogo using 2 repro upper inner springs from H-D ’40s Springer and 1/2″ dia. sched 40 pipe nipple (ohhh, stiffened and nipple in the same sentence!)


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  1. Ron Stone says:

    Totally bitchin’ bike!

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