Flatiron Mike’s EDR 2008 Build: Part 3

By Flatiron Mike
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As threatened, here’s the Biltwell exhaust fab. Inspiration for this set up is from the Hoodlum website and a cool Flathead featured on August 2 (hey, give credit where it’s due): http://hoodlum.dk/b2evolution/blogs/index.php?m=200708

First, mounted the Linkert, oil tank and clutch pedal arm. Second, I started chop sawing the Biltwell kit (and some Holley mandrel bends I had left over from the Mule and Kinger) and tacking together. Next time, Part 2, I’ll be finishing the pipes, mounting the frame to pipe brackets and adding the ‘modified’ Biltwell Mowhawk tips. These pipes will be rattle can BBQ, as always. Thanks to Chris, Bill and McGoo at Biltwell for coming up with an excellent exhaust kit for backyard/garage builders like moi. Enjoy, MC.

Rear exhaust…
Out the ‘other’ side and back (I know, my welding sucks!)
1 down, 1 to go
On to the front exhaust

Not only is the pipe too close to the carb bowl, I put the front pipe over the rear pipe. WTF? Drunk Bastard…Still not happy with the rear pipe set up. but, getting close. hope I gots enough bends left over. oh well. Added the air cleaner (for clearance - good!) and Biltwell seat pan and like what I see, so far. Need to figure out which gas tank.

Rear Shot
I was able to redo the rear exhaust and like it much better (although YOU may not think it looks any different from before). Awaiting the Biltwell Mohawk tips and then it’s final weld and blast and rattle can BBQ time! Also, trimmed the Front St. ribbed fender. Not sure about a tail light, yet - or where to mount. Details, details….
Welds tacked with a Craftsman welder with flux core wire and used the Holley / Hooker alignment weld sleeves

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