Up, up and away


I’m currently 30,000 feet in the air, on route to Italy. No, I’m not on one of those new planes that have a wifi connection. Through the wonders of software I was able to write this when I was still on dry land and then set it to post at a later time. In fact, to keep up with the “post something new everyday” goal I’ve set for knucklebuster - I’ve got juicy new content going live on the site every day while I’m gone. So make sure to keep checking back cuz there is tons of moto goodness to dig into… tech… videos… bitchin’ scoots oh my!

One thing I obviously won’t be able to keep up with is store orders, so if you place an order, it won’t ship out until January 30th or so, once I’m back stateside. So don’t freak out Fred, I’m not trying to steal your dough, I’m just too busy eating a cannoli. Ya dig? Ciao greasebags!

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