Suzuki Savage Chopper Project Update


I went down to see Dave ( a few weekends ago to get some more welding done on the Suzuki Savage Chopper. Things are coming along nicely and as long as the coming weekends work in my favor, the bike should be done by spring. We got a bunch done in a short amount of time: seat posts and hinge, axle adjusters, gas tank mounts and moved the petcocks on the gas tank. Of course I filmed the whole thing, so be on the look out for the next video segment. I also took a few still pics that I’ll post from time to time, here’s one of Dave in action.

5 Responses to “Suzuki Savage Chopper Project Update”

  1. Adam says:

    Im loving the videos. cant wait to see more!!

  2. brian teetsel says:

    i recently had to sell my v-star to retain a lawyer…. long story short, im still semi-free and the bike is gone. i bought a 96 savage and recently chopped it in my front yard..great minds think alike….i will definately send some pics…..its back together with 10 inch risers with fatty drag bars….i am next to paint it candy sour apple green with true fire accents… ive done all the work myself and so far- so good….im excited to see your bike when its complete…if you need custom paint or airbrush work , let me know..if you need some sweet tattoo work stop by and see me at inkstreet tattoo in pennsylvania…good luck and keep up the good work

  3. Dusty says:

    I just started to strip down my 03 savage. I was happy to see that someone else was out there with the same goal in mind: take a single cylinder bike and put a hartail on it and add some apes. Can’t wait to see how your 650 turns out. Have fun. I know I am.

  4. rick says:

    looks great guys! I just was searching if there was any bobbed suz savage out there and came a crossed yours. Is that 1 1/2 inch tubing added to the back bone? were did you find the tubing?

  5. Danish Ali Rana says:

    Greeting My friend,

    well ive been working on a project of my own, well, i’ve been trying to fit the LS650 into a GN250 Frame, the engine fits like a glove except for the front Mounting, it has to be fabricated, came across knucklebusters while i am having trouble with the carburetor. it doesnt fit, gets in way of the Frame’s back bone. just wondring, DOES THIS 90 degree MANIFOLD OF YOURS REALLY WORK, i mean any side effects it has or something like that, ill be looking forward to your reply, i will be really greatfull if u can Email me @

    Will be very ThankFull,

    Danish Ali Rana.

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