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Website Round Up

Just a quick list of some websites and blogs you should check out if you haven’t already:
Max Shaaf’s Blog:

Chopper Dave’s Blog:
Church Of Choppers Blog:
Lowbrow Customs:
Hoodlum Blog:

Coop’s Blog:
I want your skull:
Got a cool blog? Email me the link or better yet, post it in the comments section. If I […]

Oh so fresh paint

Bro… Seriously…. This fucker rips your nuts off it’s so sick. The whole bike is an ass kicker, but the custom tank and the seriously unFUCKINbelievable (yes, one word) paint job rawk it hard. Don’t be surprised if the paint on the Savage chopper is heavily inspired by this. Love it.
Photos from: Sparetime, photo rulers […]

Post vacation check in - back in the shack

O.K monkey’s, I’m back stateside trying to get back into the swing of things. Italy was rad, except for getting the flu for a few days. Everyone there was sick, an epidemic they called it. Regardless, times were good and the food - as to be expected - was incredible.
I kept a lookout for […]

Harpoon Pinstriping in Japan

Harpoon laying down some stripes at the Mooneyes show in Japan.Another video thanks to word.

Make your own metal brake

Check out this scan of an article that ran in Popular Mechanics in September of 1958 on how to make your own bending brake. I won’t go as far as saying that a mill is 100% necessary because I’m sure there is some greasebag out there who is crazy enough to crank this out using […]

The Flat Out Flatty

A close up of Brewdude’s infamous Flat Out Flatty at the 2007 Smoke Out

Fabricator Kevin Chop Off Bike Part 2

I posted a pic I shot of Fabricator Kevin’s Smokeout Chop Off bike not to long ago and got asked if I had any other pics of it. So here is another one to sink your teeth into. Lots of cool details to peep on with this scoot.

Metal Shaping / Tuck Shrinking Sheet Metal

Great video by Kris Pinkerton where he demonstrates and gives a great run down through the process of tuck shrinking sheet metal. Check it out.

Flatiron Mike’s EDR 2008 Build: Part 6

By Flatiron Mike
Ed Note: You can view all the entries related to this build at it’s own special web address:

Some mock up pics for riding position.
Mounted some clubmans just for giggles. Found the donor bars (afore mentioned clubmans) spacer for the center of the Topper bars assembly and fabbed. Mounted the fine Xian / Biltwell […]

Lathe Operation Manual

I love the internet because with a little effort you stumble across things like this: the U.S Army’s Lathe Operation Manual for machinist. I’m a knowledge junkie, especially with anything that is or could be related to bike building, so coming across this kind of stuff (for free!) gets me psyched. Hopefully by sharing it […]

1913 Indian Motorcycle Video

Check out this 1913 Indian RIDING through the streets, running like a champ. All classic, original Indians are special in their own right, but it’s the real early, and board track era stuff that’s really gets my eyes buggin. Much like the video of Jay Leno riding a 1918 Pope, it’s nice to see these […]

Flatiron Mike’s EDR 2008 Build: Part 5

By Flatiron Mike
Ed Note: You can view all the entries related to this build at it’s own special web address:
In the home stretch with the Flathead project (riiight). Here’s the modified seatmount and pogo setup using a FabKev hidden seat mount and repro stock pogo. Big ups to Jon Volk for the welding and band […]

How To Mig Weld

Of all the different types of welding, MIG welding is probably the easiest to learn. Yank and crank, super easy. However, if you’re a newb without any prior welding experience, you’re probably feeling a little clueless with the shiny new Lincoln 110 Santa brought you. Have no fear - we’ve got you covered. I posted […]

Hank Young’s Lakewood Special

Hank Young’s Lakewood Special
At the Smoke Out 2007.

Flatiron Mike’s EDR 2008 Build: Part 4

By Flatiron Mike
Ed Note: You can view all the entries related to this build at it’s own special web address:
Back at it (almost final mock up) before the snowfall today. Added the Biltwell Mohawk tips (BBQ black paint on the pipes soon), re-mounted the hbars, shipped the seatpan for leatherwork (sorry, Scotty) and added the […]

Suzuki Savage Chopper Project: Update

The latest bit of progress on the Suzuki Savage Chopper…
After Dave finished up the welding I got the seat and tank mounted, axle adjusters in and the electronics tank & fender mocked in place. Had the exhaust mocked up for a bit too, but didn’t grab a shot of it. I tried to get […]

Dirtbag Challenge 2007

From the mailbox: Kevin C. checks in with some pics he took at the dirtbag challenge this year. Some raw garage built shit to be seen - dig it. Check out the shots here: Dirtbag Challenge 2007

The Dirtbag Challenge is an annual “low rent” chopper build-off contest thingie. Bands, burnouts, broads, burgers and beer…basic rules […]

Flatiron Mike’s EDR 2008 Build: Part 3

By Flatiron Mike
Ed Note: You can view all the entries related to this build at it’s own special web address:
As threatened, here’s the Biltwell exhaust fab. Inspiration for this set up is from the Hoodlum website and a cool Flathead featured on August 2 (hey, give credit where it’s due):
First, mounted the Linkert, oil […]

Dave K’s Trump

Dave K’s Triumph at the Lars Anderson Euro Motorcycle Show 2007
click for bigger

Up, up and away

I’m currently 30,000 feet in the air, on route to Italy. No, I’m not on one of those new planes that have a wifi connection. Through the wonders of software I was able to write this when I was still on dry land and then set it to post at a later time. In fact, […]