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I’ve heard a couple podcasts / online radio shows geared towards bikers or “motorcyclists” in the past and to say they’ve been a let down would be an understatement. I just recently came across Biker Radio Magazine and I’m glad to say that finally someone is doing it right. It’s definitely geared more towards the home builder and do-it-yourselfer, which is right up my alley. Ken - the host - puts together a great show full of lots of interesting interviews and with a level of professionalism not usually heard in these types of endeavors. No ads either, just straight moto-talk - although I won’t be surprised if that changes in the future. Great for gearheads and greasebags. They’ve put out 5 shows so far, each on a specific topic - from land speed records to tech to one off parts - all good stuff. Check it out at you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Knucklebuster » Blog Archive » 2007 Year in Review: December says:

    […] Websites: Biker Radio Magazine […]

  2. Knucklebuster » Blog Archive » Knucklebuster on Biker Radio Magazine says:

    […] Not too long ago I posted a link to a website / podcast called Biker Radio Magazine. Ken - the host - puts on an interesting and professional show that covers a fair bit of ground when it comes to motorcycles. I like the fact that many of the shows have a D.I.Y or “learn how it’s done” element to them. Anyway, after I posted the link I emailed Ken to let him know I gave his site a plug and that I dug what he was doing. When he got back to me, he let me know that he was diggin’ the vibe here on knucklebuster and asked me if I wanted to be on the show. I love talking shop, so I was all over it. That show has been posted online this morning - dubbed the fabrication show. […]

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