Sepia Photo Series: Part 1 of 5

Sepseries 005

Sepia Photo Series
Part 1 of 5
Artsy fartsy photo goodness.

Photos taken from my 2007 travels:
Smoke Out, Chop Shop Open House, Lars Anderson Euro Day, Nardi’s BSA photoshoot

Photos will be posted 10 at a time, click on read more to see the remaining 8.
Stay tuned for the remained 4 segments.
As always, all photos can be clicked on to view a larger version.

Sepseries 004

Sepseries 001-1

Sepseries 006-1

Sepseries 010-1

Sepseries 007-1

Sepseries 008-1

Sepseries 002-1

Sepseries 003-1

Sepseries 009-1

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  1. Kris says:

    awesome photos.

  2. grail21 says:

    Thanks man
    Cool website you have there, nice design work.

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