Suzuki Savage Chopper: Frame Welding Part 2

Part 2 of the frame welding session down at Tanks by Tigman in Rockland MA on my Suzuki Savage Chopper project. Again many thanks to Dave for the excellent work and all his help. Check out his site at and if you need any sort of welding work done, do not hesitate to get in touch with him, his work is top notch.

As an update on the project: The bike has been loosely assembled and the chain conversion has been done. Up next is some gas tank modification, rear fender cleaning and cutting and all the bracket welding.

11 Responses to “Suzuki Savage Chopper: Frame Welding Part 2”

  1. Kevin Craner says:

    You are one damn good welder. Look forward to seeing the bike finished.

  2. Glenn Arden says:

    Inspiring stuff! Great to see the man at work, he rocks and so does your site. I stumbled upon it check’n out the Tigmans web. So many fine rides I can’t wait to glean some ideas for my xs build. Frame compliments of Dave of course.

  3. groove says:

    Looking good. Cant wait to see the next video. One question, why are you going to a chain vs. keeping the belt?

  4. grail21 says:

    Thanks guys
    Groove: the main reason I went with the chain was because of the 6″ of rear stretch. It was easier to get a longer chain and sprockets. Going to a also chain meant I could adjust the gearing, so I should get some more top end out of it now.

  5. groove says:

    Makes good sense to me. The Savage has enough torque to pull lower gears for sure, and longer belts are hard to come by. Keep us posted!

  6. Steve says:

    Nice video, sweet welds-can’t wait to see it done

  7. brian teetsel says:

    those welds are truely awesome and im not just blowing smoke …tigman can i ask you how long it took to get that good with a tig…ive never used one im a little intimidated…im wondering if it involved alot of practice or came naturaly….maybe we could colaberate … an excellent artist as you will see when i send you my savage pics…if you ever need airbrush work let me know….i do portraits, real fire. skulls, flames, canys, …seriously i love your skills you are definately THE TIGMAN

  8. TigMan says:

    guys thank you for the really cool comments…I’ve been at it now for 31 years…….but it’s mainly a “learn as ya burn” brothers and if ya don’t burn ya won’t learn………… don’t be intimidated Brian ya have to go for it…….got the pics you sent..nice!! Tig out……..

  9. ric says:

    great welds! i never saw somethink beautiful before! great work!
    greets from berlin!

  10. Peterbuilt says:

    What did are you using for sprokets on that thing want to do mine but havent found anything

  11. miles says:

    Very nice dime roll welds man! Can’t wait to do this to my 07 Savage!

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