Smoldering Sporty Rebuild

Is something ever really “too far gone” to fix when it comes to building/restoring motorcycles? I think not. Many builders have proved time and time again that with enough time, ingenuity and dedication (oh and money doesn’t hurt) you can bring pretty much anything back to life. Case in point - hemuli over on chopperweb with his 1986 Sportster.

Check this out…. so he picks up a burnt to hell sporty:
Sporty Before

Gives it a good washing:

Then proceeds to chop the shit out of it and make it his own:
Sporty During
End result as it currently stands? One of the coolest looking sportys WITH a swing arm that I’ve ever seen. I dig the look of this A LOT and can’t wait to see it finished.
Sporty During2

You can keep an eye on the whole build via the thread on ChopperWeb, but you’ll need to be a member (its free) to check the pics. I’ll be keeping an eye on it and posted finished pics when it’s done. Props to hemuli and the killer job he’s doing.

Chopper Web thread: Hemuli’s Sporty Rebuild

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