Flatiron Mike’s Softail Knucklehead

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A knuckle in a softail frame? Sacrilege you say! How absurd! How foolish! How…. ok ok… get your panties out of a bunch and give it up - the bike looks tight and makes you drool. Flatiron Mike done it right with his “Mule” bike. Low slung, zero-inspired, 41-46 inline springer, suicide shift, and while I might have never expected it, the softail frame fits it. Bet it rides like a dream.

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More pics here: http://rides.webshots.com/album/202756081HHMSGk

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  1. Knucklebuster » Blog Archive » Flatiron Mike’s EDR 2008 Build: Part 1 says:

    […] Our pal Flatiron Mike (who’s been featured here before with his Softail Knucklehead) is well into another super sweet build, this one especially for the 2008 El Diablo Run. With Mike’s blessing, we’re going to be bringing you the entire build - from beginning to end - for your viewing, entertainment and educational pleasure. (damn, this story does it all!) Mike’s been working on this one for a a bit, so we’re going to backtrack to the beginning so we can catch all you jamokes up to where he’s at. Now, before we start this shindig, know that you can always check in on the progress of this build at it’s very own web address (we pulled all the stops out for Mike). So anytime you want to look at the whole build from the beginning you can go to: http://www.knucklebusterinc.com/features/category/flatiron_mike_edr/ Otherwise, just keep your eyes on the front page for fresh updates. Ya dig? Word. Now, onto the show: […]

  2. Ron Stone says:

    One word…….COOL!

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