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Evel Knievel: Rest in Peace

A true icon in the world of motorcycles has passed making it a sad start to the weekend. At the age of 69, the legendary Evel Knieval has died. To say this is a massive bumout would be an understatement. While it was kind of obvious that this was coming, and probably coming soon as […]

David Mann Jammer Catalog Paintings

David Mann paintings done for the Jammer catalogs.
Beyond awesome.
Anyone have anymore they want to send my way?

Pics: Lars Anderson European 2007

I actually forgot about the pics I shot at the Lars Anderson museum European Motorcycle show earlier this year until I randomly stumbled upon them last night. Lots more coming, including a bunch of the sweet Trump chop built by our pal Bugles. Here is a quick first batch of some of the beauts that […]

Leaf Spring Front End

Another one from Smoke Out 2007
Leaf Spring front ends are tasty

Fabricator Kevin’s Smoke Out Chop Off Winner

Here’s a pic I shot at the 2007 Smoke Out.
Fab Kevin’s chop off winning bike from 2006.

Badass Sportster 2

Here’s another pic of the bitchin’ sportster I posted a few days back.
Belongs to Chris aka VHA27 on the Jockey Journal.
This is from the Gypsy Run, which explains the gigantic rear rack

Wanted to Buy: MINI BIKE!

I’ve convinced Chris that he needs to be a part of the mini bike races at the 2008 Smoke Out East.
So now we need a mini bike… Got one you want to get rid of cheap? Located in the MA, NH, VT, ME, RI, CT or NY?
Send me an email at with some pics […]

Badass Ironhead Sportster Chopper

Are you on the Ironhead Sportster bandwagon yet? Don’t worry, you will be soon.
This one is a ruler. Came to me via Doc Benway. Dig on it big time.

Kawasaki W650 Redux

I saw this W650 chopper a while back on the Horse board and was real psyched on it. I put a call out to Cory, who owns the bike, in hopes that he would send me some pics to post here - which he has obviously. The bike is just executed really well, great […]

Kawasaki W650

That’s a Kawasaki W650. You don’t see many of these here stateside, but they are gorgeous scoots.
I love the look of that motor - anyone have one they want to get rid of cheap?
These pics are lifted off of the W650 Project blog - go check it out for more photo goodness.

Knucklebuster “Thanksgiving” Garage Sale

Time to clean out the garage and make room for new winter projects. Big parts lot - various makes, mostly japanese stuff, but british parts in there as well.
Here’s a partial list, everything in the pictures is included:
9 sets of handlebars (they all need cleaning, some more than others)
CB750 gas tank - needs to be […]

Suzuki Savage Chopper: Frame Welding Part 2

Click To Play

Part 2 of the frame welding session down at Tanks by Tigman in Rockland MA on my Suzuki Savage Chopper project. Again many thanks to Dave for the excellent work and all his help. Check out his site at and if you need any sort of welding work done, do not hesitate […]

Smoldering Sporty Rebuild

Is something ever really “too far gone” to fix when it comes to building/restoring motorcycles? I think not. Many builders have proved time and time again that with enough time, ingenuity and dedication (oh and money doesn’t hurt) you can bring pretty much anything back to life. Case in point - hemuli over on chopperweb […]

Sick Chopper Paint via Harpoon

From a little while back by the man, the myth, the legend: Harpoon.
Pearls, candies and metalics - no flake. Awesome.

1970’s Springer Front Ends 101

Identifying a springer front end from the 70’s and early 80’s can be a frustrating endeavor. There were so many different manufacturers that came and went that it’s almost impossible to keep track of all the different models that were out there. There are the big boys of course - like Amen and Paughco that […]

Indian Larry Legacy at The Horse Smokeout 2007

Quick Flick: Indian Larry Legacy @ The Horse Smokeout 2007
Orange, red and gold is tasty.
Photo: Grail | Knucklebuster Inc. © 2007

Via Max Schaaf

Found on Max Schaaf’s blog, which is rad by the way.
Check it out for lots of bitchin’ sickle and skate pics, and other tomfoolery.
4Q Conditioning Blog

More pics of Flatironmike’s Mule Bike

Mike sent in a few more shots of his Mule bike which I mentioned in my previous post, including one of the bare custom frame. Dig into it.

Flatiron Mike’s Softail Knucklehead

A knuckle in a softail frame? Sacrilege you say! How absurd! How foolish! How…. ok ok… get your panties out of a bunch and give it up - the bike looks tight and makes you drool. Flatiron Mike done it right with his “Mule” bike. Low slung, zero-inspired, 41-46 inline springer, suicide shift, and […]

Great tip for cleaning your greasy parts

Krusty the Clown over on the JJ has a great tip for cleaning your greasy old parts:
I use an old banquet coffee pot as a hot tank for cyl’s, heads and other small parts. Mix up some simple green and water 50/50 and let’er get hot. It will even remove the old paint on cyl’s. […]