New Savage Chopper Project Video

Part 1 of 2 from the welding session down at Tanks by Tigman in Rockland MA. The bike is a 1987 Suzuki Savage which is being completely chopped and customized. In this first episode you’ll see Dave start the foundation for the hardtail frame.

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  1. DLK says:

    Nice touch with the Isis soundtrack! - Anyways, looks like an interesting build, looking forward to seeing more of it.

  2. madison says:

    tough stuff whats with the multiple backbone sections

  3. grail21 says:

    thanks guys.
    madison - if I understand your question right, it was lengthen (and strengthen) the stock backbone to get the extra rear stretch and have the hard tail line up correctly.

  4. David E Cofer says:

    Nice, hang in there. I got a similar fab shop here in North Georgia, doing machine work one room, a handy lift and simple jobs in another, and custom fab work in the new shop addition. I’ve started hanging the “frame projects” in the ceiling, ran out of shop room. (never big enough?)

    I’m having a pain keeping the fab grind gunk off the expensive paint in the other rooms. I need seperate buildings alltogether I think.

    I also have cnc’ed a bender if you are interested in speeding up “no adjustment correct” bends. Mine currently thou had a crane cams degree wheel on it, a greenlee hydraulic powerpack and on a welding table. A guy in Canada bought the $500 cnc controls off it and I’ve not redone them.

    It don’t have to be All American all the time. I have been riding harleys since the 70s, have a woodie for a hayabusa. Perhaps I’ve lived too long already? Raise the hood on the american car dealerships, or look at the expensive black and orange packages.
    Cofer-engineering-robotics, North Georgia..

  5. sid says:

    greetings from lithuania, nice job!

  6. grail21 says:

    David thanks for checking in, cool to hear from you
    Sid: fucking righteous man. I love hearing from dudes in different countries, and you’re the first lithuanian I’ve heard from. right on man, thanks for checking out the site.

  7. busted justin says:

    yeaaaaa!! isis,( metal fingers in the air) rock on, not to many of yous guys out there check out my buds, minsk, they opened for neurosis last fall. ah and that bike looks pretty sick for a savage. wanna do my xs650? you know trade off for some fresh video. tigman does some nice stuff looks pretty fluid in his build. and remember what mama says, ass, gas, or grass, nobody rides for free.

  8. Dragoro says:

    Here’s a “great fr!gg!n work!” comment from the Philippines man. Best regards :)

  9. TigMan says:

    Thanks for all the kind words bro’s….and thanks for looking…it was a lot of fun doing this project with Grail and the other guys were a big help…………..cheers……….Tig

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