Online Bike Building Tool / Visualizer


Got some time to waste sitting in front of a computer? Check out this rad online bike builder website. Just click around on the various options and the site will draw up the bike of you’re dreams… or maybe something close. There is a limited amount of options, but they do cover a wide variety of looks and styles. Use it as a cool visualization tool as a starting point for your next build, or just as a fun time waster. I’d love to see the folks who built this continue to develop this (I can read japanese so its hard to figure out what the main site is about). I’d love to see it updated and more options added (how about a couple different frames? maybe some paint options? motor options? the possibilities are endless)

Anyway, thumbs up to the Zen Independent guys for putting this together - check it out here: Zen Independent Custom Bike Builder

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  1. Rhonda says:

    I just love the Plum Krazy bike. I think its a hot bike. If we had someone like that guy Billy Whiz over here making his bikes i would have to buy one. Its great. There is nothing about the bike i do not like… In all words it is KICKASS

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